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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4900 NDN Specifications Feature Code review Normal Define null signature type Davide Pesavento 05/29/2020 02:29 PM Actions
4324 ndn-cxx Feature In Progress Normal FaceUri: per-scheme parsing Davide Pesavento 01/13/2020 10:51 AM Actions
4647 NFD Bug New Normal Ethernet faces are not created after dropping privileges Davide Pesavento 01/13/2020 10:50 AM Actions
5044 ndn-cxx Task New Normal Switch default naming convention encoding to TYPED Davide Pesavento 01/13/2020 10:47 AM Actions
4959 ndn-cxx Bug New Normal operator<<(std::ostream&, const Data&) may throw Davide Pesavento 08/27/2019 08:57 PM Actions
4530 NFD Feature In Progress Normal More efficient communication between threads Davide Pesavento 08/27/2019 08:43 PM Actions
4528 NFD Feature In Progress Normal Management thread Davide Pesavento 08/27/2019 08:43 PM Actions
4569 ndn-cxx Bug In Progress Normal Default-constructed MetaInfo does not equal MetaInfo decoded with default values Davide Pesavento 08/25/2019 08:16 PM Actions
3867 ndn-tools Task New Normal autoconfig: move from NFD repository Davide Pesavento 02/17/2019 03:58 PM Actions
4594 Packaging Task In Progress Normal systemd service files dependency corrections for nfd and associated daemons Davide Pesavento 01/30/2019 10:56 PM Actions
4717 NFD Task New Normal Clarify FacePersistency semantics Davide Pesavento 12/09/2018 05:33 PM Actions
4020 ndn-cxx Feature In Progress Normal "ad hoc" detection on Linux Davide Pesavento 10/04/2018 08:33 PM Actions

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