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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4764 ndn-js Task New Normal Use Node.js Crypto keygen Jeff Thompson 06/10/2019 09:33 AM Actions
4909 ndn-js Task New Normal Change @note to Note: Jeff Thompson 04/09/2019 11:16 AM Actions
4873 jndn Task New Normal [Android] Incorrect PibImpl when creating KeyChain with pib-sqlite3 pib-locator Jeff Thompson 03/19/2019 03:13 PM Actions
4655 NDN-CCL Task In Progress Normal Port new name-based access control library Jeff Thompson 11/07/2018 12:05 PM Actions
1047 NDN-CCL Bug New Normal The removeRegisteredPrefix API should "unregister" from the forwarding daemon Jeff Thompson 07/18/2017 03:51 PM Actions
2075 NDN-CCL Feature New Normal The library should have an API to inform the application when the connection is lost to the forwarder Jeff Thompson 07/28/2016 01:33 PM Actions
3611 NDN in the browser Task New Normal Micro Forwarder README Jeff Thompson 04/29/2016 03:51 PM Actions
3401 NDN in the browser Bug Resolved Normal Firefox extension is unsigned Jeff Thompson 04/26/2016 03:21 PM Actions
3422 NDN in the browser Task New Normal ndn protocol add-on: Rewrite deprecated XPCOM and XUL Jeff Thompson 04/01/2016 02:16 PM Actions
3261 NFD Task New Normal App-developer oriented docs summarizing autoconfiguration steps Jeff Thompson 10/20/2015 02:20 PM Actions
1017 NDN in the browser Bug New Normal Firefox add-on should try to reconnect if connection drops Jeff Thompson 10/10/2014 11:54 AM Actions
1016 NDN in the browser Bug New Normal Firefox NDN toolbar should report if can't connect to a hub Jeff Thompson 10/10/2014 11:54 AM Actions
1014 NDN in the browser Bug New Normal Address bar reverts to interest selector when leaving and returning to a tab Jeff Thompson 10/10/2014 11:53 AM Actions
1884 ndn-js Task New Normal Add other examples files Jeff Thompson 10/08/2014 01:05 PM Actions
2569 NDN-CCL Feature New Low Reconsider necessity for "Node" class Jeff Thompson 03/09/2015 12:56 PM Actions

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