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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3518 ndnrtc Task Closed Immediate [ndncon] A new chat can't be created is there is one already available by other user Peter Gusev 03/07/2016 10:04 PM Actions
4632 NFD-android Bug Closed High Cannot add route to existing face 02/13/2019 12:16 PM Actions
4374 repo-ng Task New High Can't insert segmented data 11/01/2017 09:33 AM Actions
3509 ndnrtc Task Closed High [ndnrtc-client] Headless client Peter Gusev 10/31/2016 03:41 PM Actions
2709 ndnrtc Feature Abandoned High [NdnCon] Call duration indicator Peter Gusev 10/31/2016 03:32 PM Actions
2707 ndnrtc Bug Abandoned High [NdnCon] Audio prioritization Peter Gusev 10/31/2016 03:31 PM Actions
2703 ndnrtc Bug New High [NdnCon] Make possible to choose different than system audio input. 04/01/2015 11:32 PM Actions
2689 ndnrtc Feature Resolved High [NdnCon] Status for fetching audio streams. 10/31/2016 03:30 PM Actions
2688 ndnrtc Bug Resolved High [NdnCon] Adding new user 10/31/2016 03:30 PM Actions
2687 ndnrtc Feature Resolved High [NdnCon] Make "Start publishing" function more obvious Peter Gusev 10/31/2016 03:29 PM Actions
2683 ndnrtc Feature New High [NdnCon] Edit media threads on-the-fly 03/23/2015 12:43 PM Actions
2682 ndnrtc Feature New High [NdnCon] Stream consuming indication 03/23/2015 12:42 PM Actions
2674 ndnrtc Feature New High [NdnCon] UX/UI design 10/31/2016 03:33 PM Actions
1960 ndnrtc Bug Closed High Huge target jitter size bug Peter Gusev 09/02/2014 10:16 AM Actions
1239 ndnrtc Feature Closed High Migrate to NDND-TLV Peter Gusev 02/10/2014 04:26 PM Actions
1145 ndnrtc Bug Closed High High CPU load Peter Gusev 01/28/2014 11:53 AM Actions
1112 ndnrtc Bug Closed High "Jumping" jitter buffer Peter Gusev 01/31/2014 07:46 PM Actions
1103 ndnrtc Bug Closed High Large jitter buffer Peter Gusev 01/31/2014 07:47 PM Actions
4882 Feature New Normal Add more useful information to the "NDN Regular Expression" page 03/13/2019 11:03 PM Actions
3890 NDN Control Center Task New Normal Identity management module 12/14/2016 12:59 PM Actions
3816 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal KeyRollover for high-rate data 07/07/2017 12:36 AM Actions
3572 ndnrtc Task Closed Normal [ndnrtc-arc] Data transfer encounters failure in long-delay environment Peter Gusev 10/31/2016 04:03 PM Actions
3541 ndnrtc Task New Normal [ndnrtc] Increased latency after rebuffering Peter Gusev 03/10/2016 03:53 PM Actions
3538 ndnrtc Task Closed Normal [ndnrtc] Remove unnecessary calculations and output Peter Gusev 03/15/2016 06:17 PM Actions
3537 ndnrtc Task New Normal [ndncon] Memory footprint grows over long runs for publishers Peter Gusev 03/09/2016 05:40 PM Actions
3536 ndnrtc Task New Normal [ndncon] Crashes when leaving/joining chat Peter Gusev 03/09/2016 05:38 PM Actions
3535 ndnrtc Task New Normal [ndncon] Crashes when stop publishing audio Peter Gusev 03/09/2016 05:37 PM Actions
3534 ndnrtc Task New Normal [ndncon/ndnrtc] Bugfixing and optimization 03/15/2016 06:17 PM Actions
3532 ndnrtc Task Closed Normal [ndnrtc-oi] Design consumer analysis dashboard 07/11/2016 06:34 PM Actions
3531 ndnrtc Task Closed Normal [ndnrtc-oi] Design QoE dashboard Peter Gusev 07/11/2016 06:33 PM Actions
3530 ndnrtc Task Closed Normal [ndnrtc-oi] Dashboard design Peter Gusev 10/31/2016 03:46 PM Actions
3529 ndnrtc Task New Normal [ndnrtc-oi] Ingest current consumer state Peter Gusev 03/09/2016 05:22 PM Actions
3528 ndnrtc Task Closed Normal [ndnrtc-oi] Don't ingest metrics that can be calculated on the front-end Peter Gusev 03/15/2016 06:22 PM Actions
3527 ndnrtc Task New Normal [ndnrtc-oi] Implement NDN-RTC metric ingestion into Operational Intelligence tool Peter Gusev 03/15/2016 06:22 PM Actions
3526 ndnrtc Task Resolved Normal March 10 NDN-RTC test Peter Gusev 10/31/2016 04:02 PM Actions
3510 ndnrtc Task Closed Normal [ndncon] Implement statistics ingestion into NDN-RTC analytical tool Peter Gusev 03/08/2016 11:20 PM Actions
3508 ndnrtc Task Closed Normal [ndncon] Chronosync misconfiguration leads to extensive CPU usage for ndncon and NFD 03/07/2016 09:11 AM Actions
2713 ndnrtc Feature Abandoned Normal [NdnCon] Provide an indicator of statistics uploading 10/31/2016 03:33 PM Actions
2712 ndnrtc Bug Rejected Normal [NdnCon] Make sure stat uploading happens in background thread Peter Gusev 03/04/2016 11:27 AM Actions
2710 ndnrtc Feature New Normal [NdnCon] Volume control Peter Gusev 03/30/2015 09:42 AM Actions
2708 ndnrtc Bug Resolved Normal [NdnCon] CPU load improvements 10/31/2016 03:32 PM Actions
2706 ndnrtc Feature Resolved Normal [NdnCon] Check stream status updates 10/31/2016 03:31 PM Actions
2705 ndnrtc Feature Closed Normal [NdnCon] User drop button Peter Gusev 04/02/2015 01:37 AM Actions
2704 ndnrtc Feature Closed Normal [NdnCon] Manual prioritization of audio over video Peter Gusev 04/02/2015 01:34 AM Actions
2686 ndnrtc Feature Closed Normal [NdnCon] NdnCon takes too much time for closing/stop publishing. 10/31/2016 03:29 PM Actions
2685 ndnrtc Feature New Normal [NdnCon] Multi-party conferencing instructions 03/23/2015 12:32 PM Actions
2684 ndnrtc Feature Resolved Normal [NdnCon] Mute/unmute media streams 02/28/2016 08:40 AM Actions
2681 ndnrtc Feature Resolved Normal [NdnCon] UI performance issues 10/31/2016 03:28 PM Actions
2680 ndnrtc Feature Closed Normal [NdnCon] Latency detection 10/31/2016 03:27 PM Actions
2679 ndnrtc Feature Resolved Normal [NdnCon] More space for the video 10/31/2016 03:28 PM Actions
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