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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5108 NFD Task Closed Normal Support running NFD integration tests in Docker containers Eric Newberry 04/30/2020 02:26 PM Actions
5100 ndn-cxx Bug Closed Normal Undefined reference to '__atomic_fetch_add_8' on Raspbian Buster Eric Newberry 04/11/2020 01:17 PM Actions
5099 NDN-CCL Task New Normal NFD socket file moved to /run/nfd.sock on Linux 04/08/2020 11:44 AM Actions
5097 ndn-cxx Feature New Low Distinguish DOWN and NO_CARRIER in NetworkMonitor for macOS 04/23/2020 01:30 PM Actions
5096 NFD Bug Closed Normal TestMulticastEthernetTransport/NetifStateChange fails with interfaces that are not RUNNING Eric Newberry 04/02/2020 09:53 AM Actions
5091 NFD Task New Low Switch NFD configuration file format 03/19/2020 02:19 PM Actions
5080 NFD Feature Closed Normal Add logging to LpReliability Eric Newberry 02/10/2020 01:47 PM Actions
5078 NFD Task Closed Normal Restructure and update in all projects Eric Newberry 02/11/2020 10:36 AM Actions
4691 NLSR Bug Closed Normal NLSR crashes due to FATAL error about CanBePrefix being unset in an Interest 08/30/2018 01:22 PM Actions
4642 ndn-cxx Task Closed High Update producers across platform to unregister prefixes instead of shutting down face Eric Newberry 07/01/2018 08:30 PM Actions
4639 ndn-cxx Bug Closed Urgent NFD fails to compile against latest ndn-cxx on Xcode 8 and earlier Eric Newberry 06/20/2018 11:00 AM Actions
4637 ndn-tools Task New Normal ndncatchunks: use SegmentFetcher 10/03/2018 04:58 PM Actions
4636 ndn-cxx Task Closed High Modify docs to show producers unregistering prefixes to shut down faces Eric Newberry 06/25/2018 07:51 PM Actions
4633 ndn-cxx Feature Duplicate Normal Allow password to be specified to ndnsec-import/export on command line 06/15/2018 03:25 PM Actions
4626 NFD Bug Closed Normal ndn-traffic-server doesn't send last Data Eric Newberry 06/07/2018 10:02 AM Actions
4624 NFD Bug Closed Normal Preparation folder incorrectly collected with logs in Vagrant environments Eric Newberry 06/11/2018 03:23 PM Actions
4621 ndn-cxx Bug Closed Normal Correct code style guideline 2.18 Eric Newberry 06/11/2018 11:21 AM Actions
4573 NFD Task Closed Normal Detect architecture-specific location for Boost libs on Ubuntu Eric Newberry 04/09/2018 12:49 PM Actions
4559 NFD Task Closed Normal Switch Vagrant integration testing platform to Ubuntu 16.04 Eric Newberry 03/31/2018 11:46 AM Actions
4553 NFD Bug Closed Normal Doxygen builds broken with latest version of sphinxcontrib-doxylink Eric Newberry 03/28/2018 03:34 PM Actions
4480 NFD Task Closed Normal Deploy Ubuntu 18.04 Jenkins agents Eric Newberry 05/01/2018 05:38 PM Actions
4465 NFD Feature Closed Normal Management Support for Configuring Congestion Signaling Eric Newberry 02/14/2018 02:40 PM Actions
4425 repo-ng Bug Closed Normal repo-ng fails to compile on Ubuntu Eric Newberry 12/23/2017 09:33 PM Actions
4388 ndnSIM Bug Closed Normal Scenario template GitHub repository incorrect in documentation Alex Afanasyev 02/23/2018 02:24 PM Actions
4382 NFD Task Closed Normal integration tests: speed up Vagrant builds Eric Newberry 11/21/2017 03:23 PM Actions
4380 NFD Task New Normal Run integration tests for every Jenkins build Eric Newberry 05/01/2020 09:51 AM Actions
4379 NFD Bug In Progress Normal integration tests: fix broken tests Eric Newberry 04/30/2020 03:50 PM Actions
4378 NFD Task Closed Normal Create Vagrant box for integration tests Eric Newberry 03/31/2018 08:17 PM Actions
4327 NFD Feature Closed Normal Congestion mark integration test case Eric Newberry 12/23/2017 09:34 PM Actions
4300 NFD Task Closed Normal Jenkins Ubuntu 17.10 agents Eric Newberry 11/01/2017 08:33 AM Actions
4266 NFD Bug Closed Normal NFD won't start correctly on Vagrant integration testing environment Eric Newberry 09/20/2017 11:32 PM Actions
4261 ndn-cxx Bug Closed Urgent ValidationPolicyConfig causes NFD to exit upon start Alex Afanasyev 09/04/2017 08:04 AM Actions
4156 ndn-cxx Bug Closed Normal Encoding LpPackets after adding repeating field causes other fields to be lost Eric Newberry 06/30/2017 06:42 AM Actions
4095 ndn-cxx Task Closed High DNS Lookups on Ubuntu 17.04 Fail Sometimes Eric Newberry 06/05/2017 10:08 PM Actions
4058 NFD Bug Closed Normal nfdc input and output format changes cause integration tests to fail Eric Newberry 06/01/2017 12:15 AM Actions
4011 NFD Feature Closed Normal Unicast Ethernet Transport and Channel Davide Pesavento 06/23/2017 10:21 PM Actions
3931 NFD Feature Closed Normal Implement NDNLP Link Reliability Protocol Eric Newberry 07/09/2017 10:23 AM Actions
3838 ndn-cpp Task Closed Normal sync-state.pb.h generated with incompatible older version of protoc Jeff Thompson 11/08/2016 03:11 PM Actions
3828 NFD Bug Closed Normal Configure fails to link Boost with pthread while using address sanitizer Eric Newberry 11/04/2016 08:00 AM Actions
3730 NFD Bug Rejected Normal Missing route in Vagrant integration tests Eric Newberry 08/12/2016 10:30 PM Actions
3012 NFD Task Closed Normal library_helpers: Send SIGTERM as root Eric Newberry 07/07/2015 09:19 AM Actions
3002 NFD Bug Closed Normal test_localhost_scope: fails when run multiple times Eric Newberry 07/06/2015 07:05 PM Actions
2845 ndn-tools Bug Closed Low pingserver: fix minor spelling error in help message Eric Newberry 06/04/2015 07:22 PM Actions

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