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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Tags
5103 ndn-tools Bug Rejected Normal Does not compile correctly without specifying OpenSSL path 04/20/2020 05:28 PM Actions
4976 ndncert Task New Low Add unit test for NDNCERT command line tools 07/30/2019 08:38 PM Actions
4966 ndncert Bug Closed Normal All identities got removed when running Unit Test Zhiyi Zhang 07/09/2019 03:34 PM Actions
4550 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal Improve AES support in security::transform 08/27/2019 08:53 PM Actions
4510 NFD Feature Rejected Normal Allowing the same packet to come in and go out the same face 03/01/2018 06:51 PM Actions
4455 ndncert Feature Closed High NDN testbed CA should port the issued certificate to repo Zhiyi Zhang 01/20/2018 03:15 PM Actions
4361 ndncert Task Closed Normal LIST function Zhiyi Zhang 12/28/2017 06:15 PM Actions
4350 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal Combine the direct fetch and key bundle 10/19/2017 10:47 AM Actions
4348 ndncert Task New Normal Get rid of the long term storage assumption from NDNCERT CA design 03/15/2018 03:02 AM Actions
4347 ndncert Feature New Normal Mechanisms to fetch CA certificate with configuration 10/18/2017 02:08 PM Actions
4346 ndncert Feature New Normal Need trust anchor storage support from ndn-cxx 10/18/2017 12:37 PM Actions
4339 ndn-cxx Bug Closed High Incorrect interpretation of checker.key-locator in v2:ValidatorConfig Zhiyi Zhang 10/15/2017 11:40 AM Actions
4124 ndn-cxx Task Closed Low Add unit tests for security::transform::PublicKey encryption/decryption Zhiyi Zhang 10/18/2017 12:40 PM Actions
4091 repo-ng Task Closed Urgent Adapt to ndn-cxx v2::KeyChain and Validator 10/27/2018 07:32 PM Actions
4090 ChronoSync Task Closed Urgent Urgent bugs caused by ndn-cxx change 3547 Ashlesh Gawande 07/28/2017 05:55 PM Actions
4089 NFD Task Closed High Adapt to ndn-cxx v2::KeyChain and Validator Junxiao Shi 09/06/2017 11:57 PM Actions
4087 ChronoChat Task New Urgent Urgent bugs caused by ndn-cxx change 3603 05/24/2017 09:50 PM Actions
4086 ndns Task Closed Normal Urgent bugs caused by ndn-cxx change 3603 03/15/2018 02:52 PM Actions
4085 ndn-cxx Bug Closed Normal ndnsec list: wrong default identity and default key Junxiao Shi 10/15/2017 05:30 PM Actions
4074 ndncert Task New Normal Local certificate management packet format 05/03/2017 01:56 PM Actions
4067 ndncert Feature New Normal The first step local app verification 05/01/2017 02:58 PM Actions
4053 ndncert Feature Closed Normal Finish the email challenge Zhiyi Zhang 10/18/2017 12:24 PM Actions
4048 ndncert Task Closed Normal Adding listing function to CA storage Zhiyi Zhang 05/24/2017 10:27 AM Actions
4044 ndncert Task Closed High Database storage for CA part Zhiyi Zhang 05/24/2017 10:26 AM Actions
4043 ndncert Task New Normal Infinite size issue of CA's storage 04/11/2017 03:21 PM Actions
4042 ndncert Task New Normal Take use of PROBE to achieve goals more than namespace assignment 04/11/2017 03:16 PM Actions
3994 ndncert Task New Normal Add validator instance for each CA 03/13/2017 12:47 PM Actions
3947 ndncert Feature New Normal Diagrams 02/03/2017 08:42 PM Actions
3913 ndn-cxx Feature Closed Normal Add DummyForwarder to utils Zhiyi Zhang 12/26/2017 09:23 AM Actions
3855 ndn-cxx Feature Closed Normal Add certificate file cleanup related function to IdentityManagementFixture Zhiyi Zhang 11/20/2016 12:55 PM Actions
3845 ndn-cxx Bug Closed Normal A little bug in FacesFixture in ValidatorConf test Zhiyi Zhang 11/20/2016 12:55 PM Actions
3812 NAC Bug Abandoned Normal Change logic in GroupManger.getGroupKey() to avoid regenerate group key pairs every time. Zhiyi Zhang 06/15/2018 04:09 PM Actions
3544 NAC Bug Closed Normal Fixing bug in Schedule when the black repetitive interval list is empty Zhiyi Zhang 03/10/2016 06:00 PM Actions
3192 NAC Task Closed Normal Draft abstraction of GEP consumer Zhiyi Zhang 03/09/2016 03:07 PM Actions
3147 NAC Task Closed Normal Draft database design and draft abstraction for GroupManagerDB 09/30/2015 03:06 AM Actions
3118 NAC Task Closed Normal Design and implement the abstraction for schedule Zhiyi Zhang 10/20/2015 01:50 PM Actions

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