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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Tags
5118 ndn-tools Bug New Normal Timeout/packet loss on docker 06/22/2020 06:39 AM Actions
5109 ndn-tools Feature New Normal chunks: add option for TYPED naming conventions 05/03/2020 10:38 PM Actions
5082 ndn-tools Bug Rejected Normal ndncatchunks low throughput even when retrieving from local content store 02/18/2020 04:12 PM Actions
5021 ndn-tools Feature Closed High ndncatchunks: support unversioned data retrieval Davide Pesavento 10/21/2019 03:10 PM Actions
4674 ndn-cxx Bug Closed Normal waf build: OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory Davide Pesavento 07/21/2018 10:11 AM Actions
4610 NFD Task Closed Normal Make CentOS 7 an official (CI-tested) platform Md Ashiqur Rahman 02/26/2019 11:25 AM Actions
4502 NFD Feature Duplicate Normal Add LpFragmentation support to UDP faces 02/16/2018 10:07 AM Actions
4497 NFD Task Closed Normal Release 0.6.1 Alex Afanasyev 02/19/2018 05:28 PM Actions
4486 ndn-sci Task New Normal NDN Performance evaluation for scientific data - request for comments 02/02/2018 03:04 PM Actions
4479 NFD Bug Closed High Crash in LpReliability::deleteUnackedFrag Eric Newberry 04/04/2018 11:35 PM Actions
4408 NFD Bug New Normal NFD throughput using large chunk is low 01/22/2018 03:34 PM Actions
4122 ndnSIM Bug Abandoned Normal Wrong package name "openssl" in wscript Spyros Mastorakis 12/25/2017 12:53 PM Actions
4009 NFD Feature Closed Normal Add wildcard name matching for whitelist/blacklist creation susmit shannigrahi 03/30/2017 11:02 PM Actions
3436 ndn-cxx Bug Closed Normal Unit test failure on Fedora 24 rawhide susmit shannigrahi 07/07/2017 12:11 AM Actions
3418 NFD Bug Closed Normal Unit tests requiring root should be skipped when run as normal user Davide Pesavento 09/03/2016 12:26 AM Actions
3407 ndn-cxx Task Closed Normal Replace hardcoded values in ndn-cxx by MAX_NDN_PACKET_SIZE susmit shannigrahi 01/12/2016 03:54 PM Actions
3403 NFD Bug Closed Normal PrivilegeHelper unit tests fail on Fedora/CentOS due to missing group "nogroup" Davide Pesavento 09/16/2018 09:29 AM Actions
3364 NFD Bug Rejected Normal backports.hpp not found when using ndn-cxx and NFD HEAD 12/19/2015 02:46 PM Actions
3348 NFD Bug Closed Normal VLAN tagged Ethernet packet triggers assertion failure Davide Pesavento 12/21/2015 09:58 PM Actions
3345 ndn-cxx Bug Rejected Normal missing semicolon in BOOST_GLOBAL_FIXTURE declarations 11/19/2015 02:02 PM Actions
3344 NFD Feature Rejected Normal EthernetTransport: 802.1Q VLAN tagging 12/22/2015 04:49 PM Actions
3323 NFD Bug Rejected Normal unit-tests-core fails on Fedora 22 12/10/2015 09:06 PM Actions
3295 NFD Bug Rejected Normal BestRouteStrategy2 doesn't check "canForwardTo" before retransmission 10/27/2015 10:02 AM Actions
3294 ndn-cxx Bug Closed Normal Interest::getNonce and Name::compare fail on big endian platforms Davide Pesavento 03/12/2020 01:30 PM Actions
3275 NFD Bug Closed Normal Measurements::get(Fib::s_emptyEntry) crash Junxiao Shi 11/12/2015 12:39 PM Actions
3270 ndn-cxx Bug Closed Normal Occasional non-reproducible test failure in UtilDns/AsynchronousV6 02/12/2018 10:32 PM Actions
3227 ndn-cxx Bug Closed Normal Compilation fails with boost 1.59.0 (e.g. on Fedora 23) Alex Afanasyev 10/05/2015 02:42 PM Actions
3207 ndn-cxx Bug Closed High ndn-cxx has (probable) incosistent licencing Alex Afanasyev 09/18/2015 10:38 AM Actions
3201 ndn-cpp Task Closed Normal Error compiling ndn-cpp - use of deleted function Jeff Thompson 09/15/2015 10:24 AM Actions
3193 ndn-sci Task New Immediate Add a metadata field in the Database 09/09/2015 06:45 PM Actions
3130 NDN-CCL Bug Closed Normal RegisterPrefix doesn't provide a callback 09/18/2015 01:49 PM Actions
3001 ndn-sci Task New Normal Frontend doesn't work with Chrome 06/30/2015 01:57 PM Actions
2918 ndn-sci Task New Normal Move autocomplete to the backend 06/17/2015 01:11 PM Actions
2917 ndn-sci Task New Normal Define AND, OR and NOT language for discovery 06/17/2015 01:08 PM Actions
2904 ndn-sci Task Closed Normal Back up and update testbed machines to Fedora 22 09/08/2015 10:27 PM Actions
2902 ndn-sci Task New High Create a website for ndn-atmos Tyler Scott 06/17/2015 09:35 AM Actions
2895 ndn-sci Task Closed Immediate Create a presentation describing the details of the catalog Chengyu Fan 07/14/2015 02:16 PM Actions
2894 ndn-sci Task New Normal Create NDN topology on the testbed 06/12/2015 02:09 PM Actions
2886 ndn-sci Task New High Define publication protocol susmit shannigrahi 06/12/2015 11:14 AM Actions
2885 ndn-sci Task New Normal Publication data packets schema 06/12/2015 09:50 AM Actions
2840 ndn-sci Bug Closed Normal Handle exceptions properly in the library susmit shannigrahi 06/16/2015 12:00 PM Actions
2839 ndn-sci Bug Closed Normal Error inserting name Duplicate entry '145aff928826ad113cf5831ca58e77f4d45d2d13c218d41155ebe7322e93d132' for key 'sha256' susmit shannigrahi 06/16/2015 12:00 PM Actions
2838 ndn-sci Bug Closed Urgent Translator should return a list of names when called from a wrapper susmit shannigrahi 06/16/2015 12:00 PM Actions
2823 ndn-sci Task Closed Normal Fix bugs in the translator library 06/16/2015 12:00 PM Actions
2822 ndn-sci Task New Normal Move the sql code out of the code and in a config file. 05/15/2015 10:20 AM Actions
2821 ndn-sci Task New Normal Fix output format for the translator susmit shannigrahi 05/15/2015 09:59 AM Actions
2811 NFD Bug Rejected Normal NFD 0.3.2 segfaults on Fedora 05/18/2015 09:27 AM Actions
2747 NFD Feature New Normal Make StreamFace processing time constant regardless of object size 04/13/2015 05:13 PM Actions
2738 ndn-sci Bug Closed Normal Insert name does not see modules susmit shannigrahi 06/12/2015 09:20 AM Actions
2714 ndn-sci Task Closed Normal Add translator libraries to git 05/21/2015 09:53 AM Actions
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