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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3216 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal Copy-on-write buffer abstraction and refactor Block 10/17/2017 01:15 PM Actions
2849 ndnSIM Bug New Normal Correct license boilerplate to indicate correct license (with reference to LICENSE file in the root of the project) 08/01/2016 02:00 PM Actions
3901 NDN Control Center Task New Normal Create bash-completion script for `ndn` command 12/23/2016 07:23 PM Actions
2557 ndnSIM Task New Normal Create examples using UDP faces. 05/08/2018 10:52 AM Actions
2894 ndn-sci Task New Normal Create NDN topology on the testbed 06/12/2015 02:09 PM Actions
2626 NFD Bug New Normal CS lookup takes long time if Interest Name covers many entries 01/23/2018 11:23 PM Actions
3161 NFD Feature New Normal CS: partition by forwarding hint 08/06/2017 07:57 AM Actions
4943 NFD Feature New Normal CsMgmt: retrieve and change cache policy 05/25/2019 03:54 PM Actions
3945 NFD Feature New Normal DeadNonceList counters 02/03/2017 03:38 PM Actions
2064 ndn-cxx Task New Normal Declare environment for integrated tests 10/14/2014 09:25 AM Actions
3087 NFD Task New Normal Declare license for the integration test suite 08/10/2015 12:55 PM Actions
4809 ndn-js Task New High Declare minimal NodeJS and browser versions 01/20/2019 02:00 PM Actions
2628 NDN-CCL Bug New High Default value for Interest.Selectors.MustBeFresh should be false 02/08/2016 10:08 PM Actions
5063 mini-ndn Task New Normal Define a code style for Mini-NDN and deploy a PyLint bot to comment on gerrit 12/05/2019 01:16 PM Actions
2917 ndn-sci Task New Normal Define AND, OR and NOT language for discovery 06/17/2015 01:08 PM Actions
4901 NDN Specifications Feature New Normal Define EdDSA-based signature type 03/30/2019 11:35 AM Actions
2235 NFD Task New Normal Define maximum time for which Nonce+Name association should be kept 02/02/2015 02:03 PM Actions
4900 NDN Specifications Feature New Normal Define null signature type 03/30/2019 11:33 AM Actions
1477 repo-ng Task New Normal Deletion of segmented data without EndBlockId 04/14/2014 09:21 AM Actions
1478 repo-ng Task New Normal Deletion progress check 04/28/2014 10:08 AM Actions
3978 mini-ndn Feature New Normal Design a mechanism to test NLSR with muliplte networks in the same topology 12/19/2017 04:56 PM Actions
2775 ndn-sci Task New Normal Design an improved query search result UI 04/27/2015 09:07 AM Actions
1624 NFD Feature In Progress Normal Design and Implement Congestion Control 01/27/2020 02:46 PM Actions
3053 mini-ndn Task New High Design automatic integration test triggering by Jenkins 09/15/2015 12:03 PM Actions
2952 NLSR Task New Normal Design broadcast link Hello protocol 01/02/2018 01:07 PM Actions
3604 ndncert Task Resolved Normal Design Client Class to Handle Certificate Issuance 10/18/2017 02:00 PM Actions
4269 NLSR Task New Normal Design common TLV system. 09/05/2017 01:50 PM Actions
3333 NFD Feature New Normal Design Interest digest 01/25/2018 02:09 PM Actions
3592 NDN Specifications Feature New Normal Design mechanism to reliably identify content object name 05/27/2017 09:31 AM Actions
2773 ndn-sci Task New Normal Design metadata searches 04/27/2015 09:04 AM Actions
2774 ndn-sci Task New Normal Design minimal search language 04/27/2015 09:05 AM Actions
3000 NFD Feature Feedback Normal Design mobility with forwarding hint 02/03/2018 09:05 PM Actions
3408 NFD Feature New Normal Design mobility with Kite 12/01/2017 01:45 PM Actions
3476 NFD Task New Normal Design NFD instrumentation 03/15/2019 11:17 AM Actions
2959 NLSR Task New Normal Design NLSR statistics dataset 12/21/2018 12:12 PM Actions
4525 ChronoSync Bug New Normal Destructing a ChronoSync socket object shuts down the face 03/02/2018 10:33 AM Actions
4773 NFD Feature New Normal Detect up/down status of point-to-point links by BFD 11/16/2018 11:43 AM Actions
2581 NFD Bug New Low Detecting compiler support for -Wno-foo is unreliable 02/26/2015 10:01 AM Actions
2936 NLSR Task New Normal Determine how to make NFD FIB Entries consistent with ranking in NLSR when costs are the same 05/31/2017 08:37 AM Actions
3947 ndncert Feature New Normal Diagrams 02/03/2017 08:42 PM Actions
2899 NDN Specifications Feature New Normal DigestSha256 vs CRC-32C 06/13/2015 09:47 AM Actions
4857 NFD Feature New Normal Discover other NFD nodes on WiFi network using ARP 02/25/2019 02:47 PM Actions
3143 NFD Feature New Normal Discover RIB management prefix of connected gateway router 01/23/2018 11:25 PM Actions
4699 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal Dispatcher: use SegmentPublisher in StatusDatasetContext 08/07/2018 02:00 PM Actions
4993 npchat Task New Normal Display Information About Friendship Process On Screen 09/02/2019 08:14 AM Actions
3030 NFD Feature New Normal Display RouterName in 'nfdc status show' 07/23/2017 06:29 AM Actions
3031 NFD Feature New Normal Display RouterName on HTTP status page 08/25/2015 07:55 AM Actions
2945 mini-ndn Task New Normal Display statistics during collection 12/19/2017 04:54 PM Actions
4590 ndn-tools Feature Feedback Normal dissect: recognize NDNLP and Packet Format 0.3 elements 10/10/2019 09:25 AM Actions
3629 NLSR Feature New Low Distribute certificates proactively through Sync 01/02/2018 01:18 PM Actions
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