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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
5075 NLSR Task New Normal Refactor Certificate Storage Class Saurab Dulal 01/22/2020 07:09 PM Actions
4885 ndn-cxx Task In Progress Normal Remove deprecated const Id* of face-related handles Davide Pesavento 01/21/2020 12:52 PM Actions
4971 NLSR Bug New Normal Handle uncaught throw statements in NLSR tlv code Saurab Dulal 01/19/2020 10:56 AM Actions
4177 NLSR Bug Feedback Normal Readvertise causes withdrawal of site prefix Nicholas Gordon 01/19/2020 10:56 AM Actions
5040 NFD Task New Normal Deploy CentOS 8 Jenkins agents Md Ashiqur Rahman 01/16/2020 10:37 AM Actions
5045 NFD Task Feedback Normal Release 0.7.0 Alex Afanasyev 01/16/2020 10:25 AM Actions
5065 PSync Task Code review Normal Replace two std::map for hash and prefix mapping with boost::bimap Ashlesh Gawande 01/14/2020 08:09 PM Actions
4970 ndn-cxx Feature Code review Normal Native support for Android logging Alex Afanasyev 01/13/2020 10:51 AM Actions
4685 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal Make nonce optional in packet format v0.3 encoding 01/13/2020 10:51 AM Actions
4324 ndn-cxx Feature In Progress Normal FaceUri: per-scheme parsing Davide Pesavento 01/13/2020 10:51 AM Actions
4193 NFD Feature In Progress Normal Make ASF Strategy less sensitive to timeouts Saurab Dulal 01/13/2020 10:50 AM Actions
4647 NFD Bug New Normal Ethernet faces are not created after dropping privileges Davide Pesavento 01/13/2020 10:50 AM Actions
4574 NFD Bug New Normal Dysfunctional test cases in Face/TestTcpFactory Alex Afanasyev 01/13/2020 10:49 AM Actions
5044 ndn-cxx Task New Normal Switch default naming convention encoding to TYPED Davide Pesavento 01/13/2020 10:47 AM Actions
5074 NFD Bug New Normal Transport tests failing due to macOS AWDL interfaces 01/11/2020 01:04 PM Actions
5073 PSync Task New Normal If there is a jump in the sequence number, don't remove the old sequence from the IBF Ashlesh Gawande 12/18/2019 12:18 PM Actions
5072 PSync Task New Normal Handle empty IBF Ashlesh Gawande 12/16/2019 09:06 AM Actions
5070 NLSR Feature New Normal Optionally compress the NLSR dataset 12/11/2019 12:28 PM Actions
5069 PSync Task New Normal Replace constructor arguments with an Options object Ashlesh Gawande 12/10/2019 11:02 AM Actions
5067 PSync Task Code review Normal Do not serve discovery hello/sync Interest from publisher cache Ashlesh Gawande 12/09/2019 03:49 PM Actions
5068 PSync Task New Normal Compress IBF and Hello/Sync Data in by default 12/09/2019 03:44 PM Actions
5066 PSync Task In Progress Normal Do not append hash of IBF to data name in FullSync Ashlesh Gawande 12/09/2019 12:30 PM Actions
4786 NFD Feature In Progress Normal KITE implementation Zhongda Xia 12/06/2019 05:36 PM Actions
4804 ndn-cxx Feature In Progress Normal Signed Interest v0.3 Zhongda Xia 12/06/2019 07:38 AM Actions
5064 mini-ndn Task New Normal Provide documentation for global ndn routing helper Saurab Dulal 12/05/2019 01:58 PM Actions
4858 mini-ndn Task In Progress Normal (Mini-NDN-Wifi) Update Mini-NDN codebase with Mini-NDN-WIfi code Alexander Lane 12/05/2019 01:39 PM Actions
5063 mini-ndn Task New Normal Define a code style for Mini-NDN and deploy a PyLint bot to comment on gerrit 12/05/2019 01:16 PM Actions
4931 NFD Feature In Progress Normal Transmit pending Interests upon FIB nexthop creation Ju Pan 12/04/2019 12:50 PM Actions
5061 PSync Task In Progress Normal Compress IBF and sync content by default in PSync Full Sync 12/03/2019 11:37 AM Actions
5060 NFD Feature New Normal Congestion Detection: Monitor size of PIT vs. available memory 11/29/2019 11:54 AM Actions
5059 NFD Feature New Normal Congestion Detection: Monitor NIC incoming buffer queue 11/29/2019 11:45 AM Actions
1624 NFD Feature In Progress Normal Design and Implement Congestion Control Klaus Schneider 11/27/2019 05:03 PM Actions
5041 NFD Task New Normal Redefine EndpointId as a string 11/25/2019 02:27 PM Actions
5057 ndn-cxx Bug New Normal ndnsec key-gen --keyid is broken 11/20/2019 06:51 PM Actions
5056 NFD Task New Normal Creating permanent face with changed MTU does not work if on-demand face already exists 11/18/2019 10:31 AM Actions
3082 NLSR Task Code review Normal Allow configuration file to be reloaded while NLSR is running Saurab Dulal 11/18/2019 06:34 AM Actions
3879 NFD Task New Normal ASF strategy should propagate NACK if all nexthops are NACKed Saurab Dulal 11/18/2019 06:32 AM Actions
4298 NFD Feature New Normal Add some random jitter to probing interval in ASF Saurab Dulal 11/18/2019 06:31 AM Actions
4886 NFD Feature New Normal ASF Strategy should give the same probing probability to next hops that have the same rank (cost) Saurab Dulal 11/18/2019 06:31 AM Actions
5033 NDN Specifications Feature In Progress Normal Signature algorithm requirement change Junxiao Shi 11/15/2019 01:34 PM Actions
4586 NDN Specifications Task In Progress Normal Signature: redefine signed portion considering unrecognized non-critical TLV Junxiao Shi 11/15/2019 01:34 PM Actions
5038 NFD Feature New Normal Put netstat -s output on NFD status page 11/13/2019 09:46 PM Actions
5051 ndncert Bug New Normal Protocol spec: PROBE vs _PROBE Zhiyi Zhang 11/13/2019 11:52 AM Actions
4962 ndncert Bug In Progress Normal ndncert-client: insufficient input validation Zhiyi Zhang 11/13/2019 09:32 AM Actions
5050 ndn-js Bug New Normal Face constructor is not using local host by default Chandan Chowdary Bhagam 11/13/2019 03:11 AM Actions
4659 PSync Task New Normal Look into using newer and better hash function 11/12/2019 01:09 PM Actions
5037 ndn-cxx Bug New Normal Incorrect encoding for ECDSA certificates 11/12/2019 12:13 PM Actions
4944 repo-ng Bug New Normal ndnputfile does not work Saurab Dulal 11/11/2019 06:55 PM Actions
4849 NFD Feature In Progress Normal EndpointId in forwarding and Strategy API Md Ashiqur Rahman 11/09/2019 02:46 PM Actions
4806 NFD Feature New Normal Process HopLimit 11/09/2019 02:45 PM Actions
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