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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Tags
4619 mini-ndn Task New Normal Factor mininet into import calls 05/23/2018 12:02 PM Actions
4617 mini-ndn Task New Normal Test SUMO capabilities 05/21/2018 10:36 AM wifi Actions
4616 mini-ndn Task New Normal Test VANET capabilities 05/21/2018 10:15 AM wifi Actions
4613 mini-ndn Task New Normal Move from scripting NFDC to directly interfacing with NFD Management 05/18/2018 10:42 AM Actions
4608 ndnSIM Task New Normal Remove "old" content store 05/08/2018 11:56 AM Actions
4607 ndnSIM Task New Normal Update underlying NFD and ndn-cxx version to 0.6.2 Alex Afanasyev 05/08/2018 11:01 AM Actions
4597 Consumer / Producer API Task New Normal Howto fix it ? 04/29/2018 06:46 AM Actions
4594 Packaging Task In Progress Normal systemd service files dependency corrections for nfd and associated daemons Davide Pesavento 01/30/2019 10:56 PM Actions
4561 NLSR Task New Normal Add unit test for checking the published contents 03/28/2018 03:13 PM Actions
4557 ndnSIM Task Feedback Normal Upgrade base NS-3 to just released ns-3.28 Alex Afanasyev 05/08/2018 11:02 AM Actions
4549 NLSR Task New Normal NLSR currently segments LSAs very conservatively 04/20/2018 07:50 PM Actions
4539 NFD Task New Normal Management: collect all TLV-TYPE number assignments on the same page 08/27/2019 08:39 PM Actions
4523 repo-ng Task New Normal Add Sync support for repo weijia yuan 11/15/2018 02:29 PM Actions
4521 NLSR Task Feedback High Check current testbed HR coordinates for errors Saurab Dulal 08/15/2018 09:34 AM Actions
4512 NLSR Task New Normal Add unit tests for checking the contents of sync data on the wire 02/19/2018 08:26 PM Actions
4501 NFD Task New Normal Support running integration tests in containers under Linux 02/13/2018 03:08 PM Actions
4494 ICE-AR Prototype Task New Normal explore the use of RxAdnroidBLE for beaconing 02/08/2018 09:54 AM Actions
4493 ICE-AR Prototype Task New High BLE agent for NFD-android Edward Lu 02/08/2018 09:59 AM CS217 Actions
4492 NFD Task New Normal nfdc XML report and nfd-status-http-server test case 11/07/2018 10:27 PM unit-tests Actions
4491 ICE-AR Prototype Task New High sample client for bluetooth beaconing Grant Weaver 02/08/2018 09:56 AM ENGR 299 Actions
4486 ndn-sci Task New Normal NDN Performance evaluation for scientific data - request for comments 02/02/2018 03:04 PM Actions
4472 NLSR Task In Progress Normal Improve const-ness in codebase. Ryan Wickman 05/31/2020 10:06 AM Actions
4461 ICE-AR Prototype Task New Normal Design and configure three-site testbed Yanbiao Li 01/18/2018 01:25 PM Actions
4460 ICE-AR Prototype Task New Normal Design, then implement and deploy acceleration-as-a-service protocol for one edge module Jessie Xu 02/08/2018 11:04 AM Actions
4459 ICE-AR Prototype Task New Normal Implement and deploy authentication and access control using NMSU design 01/11/2018 09:03 PM Actions
4458 ICE-AR Prototype Task New Normal Incorporate bluetooth beacon reading into NFD-andorid Yanbiao Li 02/08/2018 09:50 AM Actions
4457 ICE-AR Prototype Task New Normal develop repo-sync for content publishing and retrieval Haitao Zhang 01/21/2018 10:06 PM CS217 Actions
4433 NLSR Task New Normal Update NLSR developer guide security setup section 12/29/2020 07:00 PM Actions
4424 NLSR Task New Normal Investigate solutions to fetch keys reliably when DirectFetch fails to fetch a key from neighbors' content store 12/29/2020 07:00 PM Actions
4387 NFD Task New Low Use a real benchmarking library for benchmarks 06/07/2020 10:32 AM code-cleanup Actions
4385 mini-ndn Task Code review Normal Make NLSR logs available online when the bot fails Alexander Lane 05/30/2018 12:49 PM Actions
4384 NLSR Task New Normal Use loopback interest to serve own certificate Muktadir Chowdhury 11/16/2017 10:48 AM Actions
4381 mini-ndn Task In Progress Normal Investigate porting NFD integration tests to Mini-NDN environment Alexander Lane 12/04/2018 06:05 AM Actions
4380 NFD Task New Normal Run integration tests for every Jenkins build Eric Newberry 05/01/2020 09:51 AM Actions
4374 repo-ng Task New High Can't insert segmented data 11/01/2017 09:33 AM Actions
4373 NLSR Task New Normal Refactor ndnSIM port to use the NLSR statistics system. 10/31/2017 01:35 PM Actions
4372 NLSR Task Feedback Normal NLSR should be compatible with ndnSIM. 04/10/2019 09:49 AM Actions
4371 ndnSIM Task New Normal Make use of HAVE_NDN_CXX_CUSTOM_LOGGER (ndn-cxx) 05/08/2018 10:49 AM Actions
4353 NLSR Task In Progress Normal Improve LSA class hierarchy and related methods. 11/03/2017 01:27 PM Actions
4348 ndncert Task New Normal Get rid of the long term storage assumption from NDNCERT CA design 03/15/2018 03:02 AM Actions
4344 ndns Task New High NsCache in IterativeQueryController Need to check FreshnessPeriod before using cached data 10/17/2017 06:53 AM Actions
4338 mini-ndn Task New Normal Use persistent face instead of permanent face for NLSR in Mini-NDN 10/20/2017 10:51 AM Actions
4337 NLSR Task Code review Normal Change all containers to implement `size()` Ryan Wickman 05/22/2018 09:29 AM Actions
4336 NLSR Task New Normal Make container APIs more consisent with C++ standard practices. 05/21/2018 10:42 AM Actions
4320 ndnSIM Task New Normal assign custom colors, description on NDN based nodes 05/08/2018 10:50 AM Actions
4308 mini-ndn Task New Normal Look into using docker/docker containers 12/21/2017 04:25 PM Actions
4282 NFD Task New Normal Rename LinkType constants 06/09/2021 02:00 PM needs-discussion Actions
4272 NLSR Task New Normal Implement validation of the interest from remote router and local host 09/06/2017 08:09 AM Actions
4271 NLSR Task New Normal Implement common TLV system. 09/05/2017 01:50 PM Actions
4270 NLSR Task New Normal Write tests for the common TLV system. 09/05/2017 01:48 PM Actions
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