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Yumin Xia, 10/20/2017 10:42 AM

Packet tag TypeId assignments

This page is a registry for type identifiers of Tag derived classes.

Each Tag derived class MUST declare the following method:

static constexpr int 

The return value of those methods SHOULD be registered in the table below.

ID or range Usage
0000~0009 Unit testing
0010 NDNLPv2 IncomingFaceId
0011 NDNLPv2 NextHopFaceId
0012 NDNLPv2 CachePolicy
0013 NDNLPv2 CongestionMark
1000 Certificate bundle name (Certificate Bundle Packet Format)
1001 FinalBlockId of the certificate bundle (Certificate Bundle Packet Format)
1086 NDNS CertificateFetcher: IterativeQueryController.
0x60000000 ndnSIM: HopCount
0x60000001~0x6fffffff ndnSIM
9000-9999 reserved for private experiments

Current usage in ndnSIM

ID Tag
0xaee87802 ns3::ndn::Ns3PacketTag

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