Managed ContentStore

Managed ContentStore is an extension to current ContentStore of nfd.
Managed ContentStore accepts unsolicited data packets inserted by authorized producer and
guarantees that the fresh data packets (not marked as stale) will not be removed unless the producer explicitly requests that.
How to handle data insertion when ContentStore is full is not defined yet.

Managed ContentStore is most useful for data packet whose validity is predictable, so that the validity can be used to set FreshnessPeriod.

Use Cases

NFD status reply

The validity of NFD status reply is the same as its FreshnessPeriod, so managed ContentStore is a perfect place to hold the reply.

Managed ContentStore v.s. In-memory Storage

When validity of a data packet is predictable, Managed ContentStore is a better place to hold the data.
Otherwise, it is reasonable to set a short FreshnessPeriod of the data packet, and put the data into the in-memory storage.

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