Core components

  • NFD: NDN Forwarding Daemon

  • NLSR: Link-state routing protocol

  • NFD-android: Adaption of NFD for Android OS

Libraries and NDN Platform

  • ndn-cxx: NDN C++ library with eXperimental eXtensions

  • NDN-CCL: Common client library issues (APIs, in particular)

    • ndn-cpp: NDN client library in C++ and C
    • ndn-js: Lightweight NDN stack in pure javascript
    • PyNDN: NDN Client Library for Python
    • jndn: NDN Common Client Library in Java
  • ChronoSync: Synchronization library for distributed realtime applications for NDN

  • Consumer / Producer API

  • NAC: Named-based Access Control for NDN application

  • NDN-RTC: WebRTC audio/video conferencing over NDN

Tools and Applications


Evaluation tools

  • ndnSIM: NDN simulator

  • Mini-NDN: Mininet fork that aims at extending Mininet to support the emulation of NDN nodes


All other projects