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  • ChronoShare

    Decentralized File Sharing Over NDN

  • ChronoSync

    Synchronization library for distributed realtime applications for NDN

  • ICE-AR

    ICE-AR applies NDN to enable edge-supported augmented reality.

  • jndn

    NDN Common Client Library in Java

  • mini-ndn

    Mininet fork that aims at extending Mininet to support the emulation of NDN nodes

  • NAC

    Named-based Access Control for NDN application


    Issues and features for the web site

  • NDN Control Center

    Easy NDN stack for macOS

  • NDN in the browser

    Applications using NDN in the browser, including the Firefox add-on, a lightweight forwarder and community contributions. Issues for the NDN-JS library code should still go in the NDN-JS project.


    Building Automation and Management prototype application - one of the NDN-NP network environments.


    Common client library issues (APIs, in particular)


    NDN Common Name Library issues (API, etc.)

  • ndn-cpp

    NDN client library in C++ and C

  • ndn-embedded

    NDN for embedded systems


    Smart home via NDN

  • ndn-js

    Lightweight NDN stack in pure javascript

  • ndn-lighting

    NDN Lighting is an experiment in using NDN for embedded control systems.

  • ndn-sci

    Software designed to support scientific data management using NDN.

  • ndncert

    NDN certificate management toolkit

  • NDNFit (Open mHealth)

    Open Mobile Health prototype application - one of the NDN-NP network environments.

  • ndnrtc

    WebRTC audio/video conferencing over NDN.

  • ndns

    NDNS: Domain Name Service for Named Data Networking


    NDN Service publishing and Discovery

  • ndnSIM

    NS-3 based NDN simulator

  • NFD

    Named Data Networking Forwarding Daemon

  • NLSR

    Named-data Link State Routing Protocol

  • nTorrent

    A BitTorrent-like application in NDN

  • PSync

    Partial and Full synchronization library for NDN

  • PyNDN

    NDN Client Library for Python

  • repo-ng

    New generation of NDN repo

  • Signature Logger

    NDN Signature Logger

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