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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Tags
4590 ndn-tools Feature New Normal dissect: recognize NDNLP and Packet Format 0.3 elements Davide Pesavento 04/21/2018 03:53 AM
4589 ChronoSync Task New Normal Stop using deprecated selectors 04/20/2018 05:28 AM
4588 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal ndnsec export/import: accept passphrase from command line option Junxiao Shi 04/20/2018 05:10 AM
4587 NDN Specifications Task New Normal Interest+Data: forbid unrecognized non-critical TLV before/inside Name 04/18/2018 04:29 PM
4586 NDN Specifications Task New Normal Signature: redefine signed portion considering unrecognized non-critical TLV 04/18/2018 04:22 PM
4585 ndn-cxx Bug New Normal Producer example produces Bus error or Segmentation fault 04/19/2018 08:42 PM
4583 ndn-cxx Bug New Normal verification-helpers: cannot handle Data with unrecognized non-critical TLV elements 04/18/2018 04:24 PM
4582 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal Switch default CanBePrefix to 0 04/13/2018 03:27 PM
4581 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal Default CanBePrefix declaration 04/13/2018 02:20 PM
4580 NFD Task Code review Low Reimplement NFD logging using ndn-cxx logging facility Davide Pesavento 04/14/2018 11:56 AM
4578 ndnSIM Feature New Normal Make NFD Congestion Control work in ndnSIM 04/13/2018 08:44 PM
4577 NDN Specifications Feature New Normal Naming conventions: use typed name components instead of markers 04/12/2018 01:04 PM
4574 NFD Bug New Normal Dysfunctional test cases in Face/TestTcpFactory Alex Afanasyev 04/11/2018 02:58 PM
4572 NFD Feature New Normal nfdc route add: support local+remote FaceUri matching to identify nexthop face 04/08/2018 05:21 AM
4570 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal Redesign Name::getSuccessor 04/13/2018 03:58 PM
4569 ndn-cxx Bug New Normal Default-constructed MetaInfo does not equal MetaInfo decoded with default values 04/01/2018 06:45 AM
4567 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal Encode Interest as v0.3 format and interpret v0.2 as v0.3 04/01/2018 05:22 AM
4565 Packaging Bug Code review Normal nfd: Ethernet faces are not created Junxiao Shi 04/16/2018 11:34 AM
4564 NFD Task New Normal Release 0.6.2 Alex Afanasyev 04/22/2018 04:50 PM
4563 ChronoChat Bug New High Build broken with ndn-cxx v0.6.1 03/30/2018 12:42 PM
4562 mini-ndn Feature New Normal Check that NFD and NLSR are running in experiment setup 03/29/2018 10:21 AM
4561 NLSR Task New Normal Add unit test for checking the published contents 03/28/2018 03:13 PM
4557 ndnSIM Task New Normal Upgrade base NS-3 to just released ns-3.28 03/25/2018 01:02 PM
4556 ndn-tools Feature New Normal catchunks: stop using ChildSelector and Exclude 03/24/2018 05:07 AM
4555 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal SegmentFetcher: eliminate selector usage 03/23/2018 09:08 PM
4554 Packaging Bug New Normal ndn-autoconfig-client: prefix registration failure 03/23/2018 09:04 PM
4550 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal Improve AES support in security::transform 03/18/2018 10:33 AM
4549 NLSR Task New Normal NLSR currently segments LSAs very conservatively 04/20/2018 07:50 PM
4544 NLSR Feature New Normal Add an option to nlsrc to query status from remote routers 03/09/2018 11:09 AM
4541 NLSR Feature New Normal Propagate Strategy choice for a prefix through routing 03/07/2018 02:43 PM
4540 mini-ndn Task New Normal Catch Mininet errors and exit cleanly 03/07/2018 11:59 AM
4539 NFD Task New Normal Management: collect all TLV-TYPE number assignments on the same page 03/19/2018 03:19 PM
4537 ndn-cxx Bug New Normal Validator doesn't properly handle exceptions from the callbacks 03/05/2018 08:19 PM
4536 mini-ndn Feature New Normal Allow NLSR bot to test NLSR against release versions of ndn-cxx, NFD 03/06/2018 09:10 AM
4535 NFD Feature New Normal Nack format for Interest v0.3 03/15/2018 05:31 PM
4533 Packaging Feature New Normal nfd-status-http-server: run as non-root 03/03/2018 12:38 PM
4532 NFD Feature New Normal Store and return PIT tokens from downstream Junxiao Shi 03/02/2018 06:06 PM
4531 NFD Bug New Normal NAME section is missing in HTML manpages 03/07/2018 05:47 PM
4530 NFD Feature In Progress Normal More efficient communication between threads Davide Pesavento 03/19/2018 05:39 AM
4529 NFD Feature New Normal Merge NFD-RIB into management thread 03/02/2018 03:25 PM
4528 NFD Feature In Progress Normal Management thread Davide Pesavento 03/18/2018 04:27 PM
4525 ChronoSync Bug New Normal Destructing a ChronoSync socket object shuts down the face 03/02/2018 10:33 AM
4524 ndn-cxx Task New Normal Should v2::Checker ignore the sig-type? 03/08/2018 08:35 PM
4523 repo-ng Task New Normal Add Sync support for repo weijia yuan 02/28/2018 08:54 AM
4522 repo-ng Task New Normal Remove selector from old interest format weijia yuan 04/06/2018 10:30 AM
4518 ndn-tools Feature New Normal Wireshark dissector: don't interpret name components as elements denoted by TLV-TYPE 02/23/2018 03:09 PM
4512 NLSR Task New Normal Add unit tests for checking the contents of sync data on the wire 02/19/2018 08:26 PM
4511 NFD Bug New Normal Failure of RIB register commands within short period of time Muktadir Chowdhury 03/30/2018 02:14 PM
4506 ndn-cxx Feature New Normal ndnsec cert-install: download from HTTPS URI 04/20/2018 04:40 AM
4505 NFD Feature New Normal nfdc: TAB completion for command names 02/14/2018 05:49 PM
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