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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4026NFDFeatureNewNormalFaceSystem: use fine-grained signals from NetworkMonitor03/28/2017 03:58 PM
4025ndn-cxxFeatureCode reviewNormalNetworkMonitor: empty impl on unsupported platformJunxiao Shi03/29/2017 09:39 AM
4024ndn-cxxFeatureIn ProgressNormalNetworkMonitor: mock implJunxiao Shi03/29/2017 09:39 AM
4023NDN-CCLTaskNewNormalPort custom NDN regex from ndn-cxxJeff Thompson03/28/2017 10:14 AM
4022ndnSIMTaskNewNormalmulticast strategy does not work in AnnotatedTopologyReaderAlex Afanasyev03/28/2017 05:08 AM
4021NFDFeatureNewNormalFaceSystem: use NetworkMonitor::listNetworkInterface()Junxiao Shi03/28/2017 04:02 PM
4020NFDFeatureNewNormal"ad hoc" detection on Linux03/27/2017 09:56 PM
4019NFDFeatureIn ProgressNormal"ad hoc" detection on macOSAlex Afanasyev03/27/2017 10:23 PM
4017NFDFeatureNewNormalnfdc face create: LocalUriJunxiao Shi03/27/2017 05:27 PM
4016NFDFeatureNewNormalProtocolFactory::createFace accepts LocalUriEric Newberry03/27/2017 09:52 PM
4015NFDFeatureNewNormalFaceManager: accept LocalUri in create commandEric Newberry03/27/2017 05:33 PM
4013ndn-cxxFeatureCode reviewNormalLogging API: enumeration of log modulesAlex Afanasyev03/27/2017 04:30 PM
4012NFDFeatureNewNormalProvide options for unicast Ethernet faces in nfd.conf03/28/2017 05:57 PM
4011NFDFeatureIn ProgressNormalUnicast Ethernet Transport and ChannelDavide Pesavento03/28/2017 05:54 PM
4009NFDFeatureCode reviewNormalAdd wildcard name matching for whitelist/blacklist creationsusmit shannigrahi03/26/2017 09:21 AM
4008NFDBugNewNormalndn-autoconfig fails if face already exists03/24/2017 08:20 AM
4007NDN-CCLTaskNewNormalImplement OAEP with SHA256Jeff Thompson03/22/2017 05:29 PM
4006NACTaskNewNormalOAEP with SHA25603/22/2017 05:26 PM
4005NFDFeatureNewNormalNDNLPv2 fragmentation instead of IP fragmentation on UDP tunnels03/22/2017 09:51 AM
4004NFDFeatureNewNormalnfdc face create: reliability option03/24/2017 06:53 AM
4003NFDFeatureNewNormalFaceMgmt: enable link reliabilityEric Newberry03/22/2017 09:29 AM
4002NFDTaskNewNormalJenkins: Ubuntu 17.04 slave03/22/2017 01:39 PM
4000ndn-cppBugNewNormalexception: Cannot export the requested public key from the OSX KeychainJeff Thompson03/20/2017 11:41 AM
3999ndnSIMFeatureNewNormalGive an example on how to create custom tags03/20/2017 09:33 AM
3998NFD-androidFeatureNewNormalProvide a list of existing faces in `create new route' dialogLei Pi03/16/2017 02:16 PM
3997NFD-androidFeatureNewNormalSupport using face id in creating a route Lei Pi03/16/2017 02:04 PM
3996NLSRTaskNewNormalAdd Nack functionality (wherever needed) in expressInterestMethod()03/15/2017 10:25 AM
3994ndncertTaskNewNormalAdd validator instance for each CA03/13/2017 12:47 PM
3993mini-ndnBugNewNormalOlder version of Mininet should not break execution03/13/2017 11:28 AM
3992mini-ndnTaskNewNormalLook at /etc/ndn/nfd.conf.sample to support NFD ppa03/13/2017 11:26 AM
3991NLSRTaskNewUrgentGet rid of deprecated header, methods and constants from ndn-cxxDamian Coomes03/09/2017 01:48 PM
3990ChronoSyncBugNewNormalERROR: Interest size exceeds maximum limit on exclude interest for large topologies03/09/2017 09:24 AM
3989ndn-cxxBugCode reviewNormalInconsistent constructor interface for SimpleSymmetricKeyParams (AesKeyParams)Alex Afanasyev03/09/2017 07:38 AM
3988ndn-cxxTaskCode reviewNormalRemove deprecated methods, data structures, and enumsAlex Afanasyev03/07/2017 03:49 PM
3987NFDFeatureNewNormalnfdc: origin argument accepts string03/05/2017 08:12 AM
3985mini-ndnTaskFeedbackNormalRelease 0.3.0Ashlesh Gawande03/03/2017 11:12 AM
3984NLSRTaskCode reviewNormalMake header guards comply with rule 3.2Damian Coomes03/29/2017 09:20 AM
3982ndn-cxxBugNewNormalLinker error when using NDN_LOG_*03/01/2017 08:37 PM
3981ndn-toolsBugIn ProgressNormalchunks: wrong Nack handling in DiscoverVersionIterativeShuo Yang03/17/2017 04:41 PM
3979ndn-cxxFeatureNewNormalConfigure Face::expressInterest to allow forward Interest to the incoming face02/27/2017 04:31 AM
3978mini-ndnFeatureNewNormalDesign a mechanism to test NLSR with muliplte networks in the same topology02/23/2017 02:29 PM
3974ndn-cxxBugNewNormalUnsafe casts in ndn::nfd::*::wireDecode()02/20/2017 04:20 PM
3973NFD-androidTaskIn ProgressNormalIdentity ManagerHaitao Zhang02/20/2017 02:29 PM
3971NFD-androidTaskNewNormalUpgrade NFD to version 0.5.102/20/2017 12:44 PM
3970NFDBugNewLowImprove face_system error message when a ProtocolFactory is disabled02/19/2017 09:18 AM
3968NFDFeatureIn ProgressNormalForward Interest to ad hoc incoming faceTeng Liang03/28/2017 09:54 PM
3966NFDBugNewNormalGenericLinkService: CachePolicy should not require allowLocalFields02/15/2017 03:06 PM
3965NFDBugNewNormalDeveloper's guide refers to non-existent function Fib::removeNextHopFromAllEntries02/13/2017 08:54 PM
3964NLSRTaskNewNormalReplase security::v1's deprecated methods with that of security::v2's03/15/2017 10:18 AM
3963ndn-cxxFeatureFeedbackNormalBackport operator""sDavide Pesavento02/23/2017 09:37 PM
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