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06:43 PM NFD Feature #5120 (In Progress): fw: Increase responsiveness of ASF in mobile network scenarios
Through prior work on a sponsored project, it was noted that the current implementation of ASF makes a variety of ass... Alexander Lane


01:49 PM NFD Bug #5074 (New): Transport tests failing due to macOS AWDL interfaces
On MacOS Mojave, unit tests are failing due to attempting to use Apple's internal P2P interfaces (AWDL) on the transp... Alexander Lane


11:38 AM mini-ndn Feature #4366: Add Wifi capability using Mininet-Wifi
I've made relatively significant progress on this task in terms of functionality (though I've had to manually apply m... Alexander Lane
11:33 AM mini-ndn Feature #4366 (In Progress): Add Wifi capability using Mininet-Wifi
Alexander Lane


11:42 AM mini-ndn Task #4858 (In Progress): (Mini-NDN-Wifi) Update Mini-NDN codebase with Mini-NDN-WIfi code
Mini-NDN-Wifi, due to redistributing the Mini-NDN code within its own repository rather than using Mini-NDN's version... Alexander Lane


02:37 PM mini-ndn Bug #4792 (New): NFDC does not work when ran through popen
Using the given fixes for environment, I've written experiments utilizing popen for process management rather than cm... Alexander Lane


08:47 PM NFD Bug #4697: Fatal bind error when initializing multicast UDP faces
Davide Pesavento wrote:
> I could not reproduce the problem on Ubuntu 18.04 using either `veth` or `mac80211_hwsim` ...
Alexander Lane


01:56 PM NFD Bug #4697: Fatal bind error when initializing multicast UDP faces
Adding code to replicate and version information if it's needed. Alexander Lane


12:43 PM NFD Bug #4697 (Rejected): Fatal bind error when initializing multicast UDP faces
In a Mini-NDN-Wifi environment, we have repeatedly received fatal errors from bind when creating UDP multicast faces,... Alexander Lane


08:50 AM mini-ndn Feature #4625 (In Progress): Add support for the tshark NDN dissector
Alexander Lane

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