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10:56 AM PSync Feature #4671: Compress IBF name before appending to interest or data name
> it always compresses IBF using zlib before appending to name:
Compressing is unimportant. Instead, move IBF into...


06:57 AM ndn-cxx Task #4782 (New): Install implementation detail headers
So far the headers in `detail` directory are not installed to the target system.
Some headers, such as `common.hpp`,...
06:40 AM NFD Feature #4467: Export GenericLinkService counters
> I think the important thing to get right in #4467 is the following: "design an extension to the Management protocol...


11:42 PM NFD Task #3862: Investigate unordered CS
These requirements are removed because Selectors are gone:
> CS maintains an order in order to support ChildSelect...
11:37 PM NFD Feature #4781: Add Adaptive Replacement Cache to NFD
ARC tracks 2c pages in four lists T1, B1, T2, B2, where pages contained in T1 and T2 are stored in the cache, and pag...


11:33 AM ndn-cxx Feature #4658: Encode and decode Interest Parameters
> Helper function(s) that automatically take care of adding `ParametersSha256DigestComponent` are still missing.
06:05 AM mini-ndn Task #4381: Investigate porting NFD integration tests to Mini-NDN environment
NFD integ contains 25 scenarios, but many scenarios are fully covered by unit testing. Having them as integration tes...


06:50 AM ndn-cxx Feature #4777: Develop API for typed name components in naming convention patchset1 has a `convention` argument in each API, which could caus...


01:54 PM ndn-cxx Task #3084: Rename "src" folder to "ndn-cxx"
20181126 call discussed note-13 issue. Conclusion:
* `#include "ndn-cxx/header.hpp"` and `#include "tests/header.h...
08:43 PM ndn-cxx Task #3084: Rename "src" folder to "ndn-cxx"
External: everything not from the repository.
Internal: everything in the same repository.

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