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11:16 AM NFD Bug #4979 (Closed): Integer overflow in pit::FaceRecord::update
Junxiao Shi


08:58 PM ndn-cxx Feature #4685: Make nonce optional in packet format v0.3 encoding
> how does the dead nonce list work if there's no nonce an the incoming Interest?
The easiest way is to generate a...
Junxiao Shi


03:58 PM NFD Bug #4979: Integer overflow in pit::FaceRecord::update
> One is the signed addition overflow (undefined behavior) found by the fuzzer. The other one is the "residual" durat... Junxiao Shi
03:25 PM NFD Bug #4979: Integer overflow in pit::FaceRecord::update
`setExpiryTimer(0_s,...)` is fine, but InterestLifetime=0 is unsafe.
In `Forwarder::onContentStoreMiss` function:
Junxiao Shi
02:58 AM NFD Task #5087: Drop support for Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7
> Alex objected to raising the minimum requirements, as he needs to support an old version of openwrt.
This is get...
Junxiao Shi


03:12 PM NFD Bug #4979: Integer overflow in pit::FaceRecord::update
patchset 1 expands the `Table/TestPitEntry/Lifetime` test case to rep...
Junxiao Shi
02:14 PM NFD Bug #4979 (In Progress): Integer overflow in pit::FaceRecord::update
Junxiao Shi
01:29 PM ndn-js Task #5110: ndn-js not support latest version of nfd
ndn-js has been unmaintained since 2019. For new Node/web projects, use **NDNts** instead: Junxiao Shi
01:22 PM ndn-tools Bug #5118: Timeout/packet loss on docker
I tried the [published container]( Junxiao Shi
01:10 PM ndn-cxx Feature #5115: ValidationPolicySimpleHierarchy: accommodate certificate name in KeyLocator Junxiao Shi

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