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10:48 AM ndn-cxx Bug #5180: ./waf install error: 'NoneType' object is not iterable
Will Fehrnstrom wrote in #note-9:
> fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
This is ...
Junxiao Shi


02:45 PM ndn-cxx Bug #5180: ./waf install error: 'NoneType' object is not iterable
Are you certain that `./waf` step is executed successfully?
If you forget to execute `./waf` step or it failed, this ...
Junxiao Shi


05:59 PM ndn-cxx Bug #5176 (New): ValidityPeriod.NotAfter=99991231T235959 misinterpreted
The following command imports a SafeBag that contains a certificate whose ValidityPeriod.NotAfter is set to `"9999123... Junxiao Shi


06:48 PM NFD Task #5172: Release 0.8.0
NLSR package needs a small update too: delete the `sudo` usage in `nlsr.postinst` script.
The NLSR package does not ...
Junxiao Shi
06:43 PM NFD Task #5172: Release 0.8.0
NFD package scripts need an update before release.
I'm getting a deprecation notice in nightly.
Setting up n...
Junxiao Shi


09:45 AM NFD Feature #5169: nfdc: execute a batch of commands defined in a separate file
Design questions:
If one of the commands contains a syntax error, should nfdc validate all the commands before try...
Junxiao Shi


07:16 AM NFD Bug #5167: Forwarder::insertDeadNonceList should not add the same nonce multiple times
This bug can possibly cause *seemingly* persistent loop, if a FIB entry has a large number of nexthops, such as the `... Junxiao Shi


06:33 PM NLSR Task #5152: Problem of assigning link-cost to "zero" for neighbors in Hyperbolic Routing (HR)
In #2010-3, @Beichuan suggests:
> Define a range for local applications, and a range for external sources.
> The ...
Junxiao Shi
01:26 PM NFD Bug #5158: TCP RST ⇒ Transport endpoint is not connected
The bug was captured on my home router. The IP sending the packets in question was either an attacker or a vulnerabil... Junxiao Shi
01:13 PM NFD Bug #5158 (New): TCP RST ⇒ Transport endpoint is not connected
NFD crashes if it receives the following sequence of packets:
1. NFD receives a TCP packet with SYN,ECN,CWR flags,...
Junxiao Shi

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