Task #4620

Task #4127: Rebuild the LSDB

Update NLSR Developer's guide to reflect re-built LSDB.

Added by Nicholas Gordon about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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The re-building of the LSDB is a large-scale change and should be adequately documented in the Developer's guide.


Updated by Nicholas Gordon about 2 years ago

Specifically, the section on the LSDB should have the following properties:

  • All public-access functions should be mentioned.
    • For each public-access function X, all public-access functions that call X should be mentioned there, so that developers can grasp the call stack.
    • For each public-access function X, a plain-English description of what the function accomplishes should be given, so that developers understand the role X plays in the whole program.
    • For each public-access function X, a supplementary, plain-English description of where else in NLSR we use that function should be given, e.g. "The Lsdb::build() function is called when NLSR initializes itself, and must build its own LSAs for the first time."
  • A plain-English description should be given of what the whole module accomplishes. E.g. "The FIB module in NLSR takes routing information and provides it to NFD..."

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