Task #3513

Updated by Anonymous about 4 years ago

Currently, *NdnCon* creates the **user prefix** like `ndn:/ndn/guest/ndnrtc/`, and publishes streams under this prefix.
Reachability of this user prefix depends on `nfd-autoreg` which adds a back-route like `ndn:/ndn/guest` that is same for every user, and forwarding relies on flooding by AccessStrategy which is inefficient (#3219).
This causes increased Interest traffic toward all hosts connected to a gateway router, if any host is publishing a stream.

To solve this problem, *NdnCon* should change the user prefix to like `ndn:/ndn/guest/`.
When the end host is configured with a testbed certificate `ndn:/ndn/guest/`, **automatic prefix propagation** registration** will create a back-route for `ndn:/ndn/guest/` that is unique for each participant.
A more specific prefix of each participant allows AccessStrategy to forward Interests toward the correct host, and flood only if the same participant has multiple hosts connected which is unlikely.
This shall decrease Interest traffic on other hosts, and thus decrease CPU usage and network congestion.