Bug #1574

Updated by Shuo Chen almost 7 years ago

When running ndnputfile with -s option, no Interests arrive and app stops with error that insert command check failed with 404. 

 NFD, ndnputfile and repo are all run on the same machine. 

 ndnputfile -s is used to put data into repo. The command line may like: ndnputfile -s /example/repo/1 /example/data/1/testfile testfile 

 On the ndnputfile side, ndnputfile will first express command and then setInterestFilter of /example/data/1/testfile. 

 On the repo side, repo will first response the command and then send interest of /example/data/1/testfile 

 The NFD log shows that, nfd first receives interest of /example/data/1/testfile and then add nexthop of /example/data/1/testfile. 

 If some delay of sending interest is put, the ndnputfile works well. 

 So I think that the nfd cannot control these things in right order and the client cannot get information from nfd to arrange this sequence.