CNL in the NDN networking environments

This documents use case requirements for how the Common Name Library API could be used in different NDN networking environments.

Open mHealth

Provide a layer internal to the app that allows one to code in clear text but publish/consume encrypted names in a name space.

  • Assume that the first few name components are not encrypted, for routing, and the consumer and producer share info to encrypt the other name components.
  • What is the API to specify the information needed for the CNL to encrypt name components? (Haitao will investigate.)

Building Management Systems

Provide the in-memory representation and enable the filtering the names of large databases of BMS measurements.

  • Assume that ChronoSync is used to synchronize the name space.
  • For starters, use NDN name regex from the security library as is for matching.
  • What are the messages that ChronoSync exchanges to synchronize? (Zhehao will flesh out some initial ideas.)


Provide an in-memory representation of the pub/sub namespace to track the information needed for behind-the-scenes subscription management.

  • Need to track the current value of a variable (like position) and be notified of updates. Notifications can be triggered by update rate, by minimum change in value, or others.
  • What is an abstracted way to provide the CNL API with when to notify of updates to a value? (Eitan has a paper on this.)

  • Need to get a notification when names change under a node in the tree: Name added, deleted. Also, timeouts or application NACK when there is no update. Assume there is one "catchall" callback for all types of notification.

  • What information is provided in the callback? Is it similar to the browser DOM or other existing system? (Eitan will investigate.)


Provide improved sync support between conference participants.

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