Supported Record Type

  1. NS resource record type, which contains the link object to the child zone.
    // const name::Component NS_RR_TYPE("NS");

  2. NDNS-related certificates: ksk, dsk, and d-key.
    // const name::Component CERT_RR_TYPE("CERT");

  3. NDNS-stored application's certificate. It can be any certificate.
    // const name::Component APPCERT_RR_TYPE("APPCERT");

  4. TXT record that holds strings.
    // const name::Component TXT_RR_TYPE("TXT");

  5. Denial of Existence record to proof that a requested record does not exist.
    For example: assuming that /zone/NDNS/slabel/stype/DoE/versionNumber contains two names A, B, in order,
    It indicates that there is no records falls between (A, B), sorted by NDNS label sorting order. (currently, it's SQLite's BLOB sorting order).
    // const name::Component DOE_RR_TYPE("DOE");

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