Build LSAs

NLSR builds and advertises three kinds of LSA

  • Prefix LSA
  • Adjacency LSA
  • Coordinate LSA

Prefix LSA

  • Advertises reachable name prefixes from this router
  • Name /<network>/NLSR/LSA/<site>/<router>/name/<version>
  • Data: number of names(n), name1, ....., name n

Adjacency LSA

  • Advertises connectivity status (Active neighbors)
  • Name /<network>/NLSR/LSA/<site>/<router>/adjacency/<version>
  • Data: Number of links (n), link1 ( name of neighbor 1, link cost 1), n (name of neighbor n, link cost n)

Coordinate LSA

  • Advertises geometric co-ordinates of router (Radius and Angle)
  • Name /<network>/NLSR/LSA/<site>/<router>/coordinate/<version>
  • Data: Hyperbolic Radius, Hyperbolic Angle

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