Establishing Adjacencies with neighbors

1. NLSR sends periodic "info" interest to establish adjacencies with configured neighbor

2. "Info" interest is sent in name "/neighbor/info/router-prefix"

  • /neighbor/ is the name of neighbor
  • /router-prefix is name prefix of sending router

3. If NLSR get "info" interest reply, it changes neighbor status to "Active" in Adl

4. Else it tries "interest-retry" times at "interest-resend-time" interval before considering Fully "inactive"

5. If NLSR has already tried "interest-retry" times before then it will try once periodically

6. When replying "info" interest

  • Router checks whether "info" interest is received from one of the configured neighbor, if yes reply or do nothing
  • If "info" is received from "inactive" neighbor then NLSR sends "info" interest to that neighbor to establish adjacency with it

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