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what should AutoPropagator do if there is no proper identity in NFD's key-chain ?

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When a prefix (/ndn/ucla/alice/test/app1) is registered in the local RIB, NFD will select an Identity from its key-chain that covers the locally registered prefix to propagate and to sign the propagation command.
If there is not such an Identity, nothing will be propagated out according current design.

On the android platform, each App has its own key-chain which is inaccessible to the NFD.
So, when an App registers a prefix, NFD always can not find a proper identity for propagation.

Given that the original intention of propagation is to aggregate and announce reachability to local Apps, what shall we do in the above case.
Possible options:
1/ Do not propagate anything since NFD can not find a proper identity (i.e. a delegated namespace) covers locally registered prefixes.
2/Just propagate the locally registered prefix and use NFD's default key to sign.
3/ Let Apps to install their identity certificate into NFD's key-chain


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This is a discussion item, not a feature. Please discuss the topic on nfd-dev mailing list. Once a conclusion is made, reopen this issue with appropriate description.


Updated by Yanbiao Li over 3 years ago

oh, I forgot about this issue. A similar issue has been discussed some time; we already had some conclusion. So, this could be deleted or closed.

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