Bug #3484

Updated by Junxiao Shi over 5 years ago

The After 2/24 NDN seminar on 20160224 used *NdnCon* on the NDN testbed.   
 During the conference, two producers `peter` and `confbridge` are connected to test of NDN-RTC: 
     "For example, when I look at REMAP gateway router, their prefixes are setup right now I see this: 
     Perhaps our nfd developers can tell us if these values make sense with `nfd-autoreg`, and the namespace has AccessStrategy.   
 After the conference ends, `nfd-status -v` shows that the a “quiet” system. Or should they 
     have returned to near 0 when traffic goes away. Why do we have 52K PIT contains 52185 entries, entries at this point? Shouldn’t 
     they have timed out and the NameTree contains 96278 entries, despite that there's very low traffic volume; these counters stay at high levels even after several hours.   
 gone away…" 

 This situation is not observed on other testbed gateway routers, where normal.... In normal cases, PIT entries should have timed out    (we haven't added yet a guard against the case when Interests specifies large value for Interest lifetime, but this may or may not be the case here.) 

 @Peter, what is max Interest lifetime in NDN-RTC?  
 @NFD developers, is there are at most one producer relying on `nfd-autoreg`. / can we have a mechanism to dump these entries from a running NFD?