Task #3572

Updated by Peter Gusev almost 5 years ago

Problem description (per Yoneda-san): 

 Consumer stops receiving data over long-delay links after some time. 

 Problem investigation: 

 Consumer slowly "drifts away" from producer in issuing challenge interests. In other words, there is accumulating error in frame numbers which are used by consumer for issuing interests for a higher bitrate thread, it manifests itself in producer receiving more “old” interests (i.e. interests for the data that has already been outdated). 

 Here are some analysis findings: from the log files you sent me last time: 

 - Interest-Data exchange over time: data receipt declines (char 1.png attached) 
 - same exchange, but per thread: now we see that “mid” thread suffers (this is the thread used by ARC for challenging data) (chart 2.png attached) 
 - amount of new/old incoming interests on producer side (overall and per thread): one can see that mid thread received more old interests over time, while “low” thread didn’t get at all (that’s expected). In general, there should be no “old” interests at all (chart 3.png attached)