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11:03 PM Feature #4882 (New): Add more useful information to the "NDN Regular Expression" page
From my personal experience, I wanted to learn how to match typed components using NDN regexes. However, this informa... Peter Gusev


10:39 AM NFD-android Bug #4632 (Closed): Cannot add route to existing face
1. Make sure remote face already exists (for example, udp://
2. Go to "Routes" and add a n...
Peter Gusev


09:33 AM repo-ng Task #4374 (New): Can't insert segmented data
Can't insert segmented data into the repo, default configuration (attached).
**Steps to reproduce**
* Start rep...
Peter Gusev


12:32 PM NDN Control Center Task #3890 (New): Identity management module
Identity management module is responsible for providing signing identities for NDN applications upon request. Signing... Peter Gusev


04:04 PM ndnrtc Task #3485 (Resolved): Prep for March 2 seminar with NDN-RTC
Peter Gusev
04:03 PM ndnrtc Task #3572 (Closed): [ndnrtc-arc] Data transfer encounters failure in long-delay environment
Peter Gusev
04:02 PM ndnrtc Task #3526 (Resolved): March 10 NDN-RTC test
Peter Gusev
03:52 PM ndnrtc Task #3549 (Resolved): Prep for March 16 seminar
Didn't have enough participants who can gave feedback.
From JeffT:
>The audio was very good on yesterday’s NDN Se...
Peter Gusev
03:46 PM ndnrtc Task #3530 (Closed): [ndnrtc-oi] Dashboard design
Peter Gusev
03:44 PM ndnrtc Task #3513 (Closed): [NdnCon] Change user prefix to be compatible with auto prefix propagation
Peter Gusev

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