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Identity management module

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Identity management module is responsible for providing signing identities for NDN applications upon request. Signing identity is then used by application to generate long-lived application identity and short-lived instance identities. The module also stores application identity certificate and serves it upon incoming interest.

For example, in the context of the Flume application, once launched for the first time, application makes an API call for requesting signing identity. The Identity Management Module asks user to choose either existing installed identity or to request a new identity from a list of identity providers.
Let’s assume, Flume application received signing identity /ndn/edu/ucla/remap/peter as a result of API call to NFDcc. Application then generates long-lived app identity /ndn/edu/ucla/remap/peter/flume and short-lived instance identity /ndn/edu/ucla/remap/peter/flume/. App identity certificate is then passed back to the Identity Management Module (via API call) which stores it locally and answers incoming interests that correspond to this certificate name. Instance identity certificate is served by the running application.


  1. Provide local API calls for applications for:

    1.1. requesting new signing identity;
    1.2. storing application identity certificate in NFDcc;
    1.3. updating application identity certificate.

  2. Provide user interface for application identity setup:

    2.1. allow user to select identity provider for a new identity;
    2.2. allow user to select identity from the list of already installed identities.


Updated by Alex Afanasyev almost 5 years ago

  • Subject changed from IDENTITY MANAGEMENT MODULE to Identity management module

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