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10:05 AM ndn-cxx Feature #3075: Design support for SignatureHmacWithSha256
> > There's no concern on clashing key names because `/localhost/identity` is a reserved namespace, since the era whe... Alex Afanasyev
10:03 AM ndn-cxx Task #5121 (Code review): Reserve and enforce restriction for /localhost/identity namespace
De facto, we have reserved `/localhost/identity` namespace for special uses: digest256 identity and HMAC "identity". ... Alex Afanasyev


07:56 AM ndn-cxx Wiki edit: PacketTagTypes (#19)
Alex Afanasyev


10:42 AM ndn-cxx Feature #4804: Signed Interest v0.3
CommandInterestSigner. This one prepares nonce and other stuff. Alex Afanasyev
07:52 AM ndn-cxx Feature #4685: Make nonce optional in packet format v0.3 encoding
My preference is (4). The intention of the spec change was to allow receiving nonce-less Interests and add nonce aut... Alex Afanasyev


01:39 PM NFD Task #5087: Drop support for Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7
Not sure why do you like commenting on old issues instead of having a normal conversation in Gerrit. You have a valid... Alex Afanasyev
01:28 PM NFD Bug #4979: Integer overflow in pit::FaceRecord::update
Junxiao, I am not following the logic / which assertion would fail. InterestLifetime is relative time and we use set... Alex Afanasyev


02:56 PM ndn-cxx Feature #5115 (Code review): ValidationPolicySimpleHierarchy: accommodate certificate name in KeyLocator
Alex Afanasyev
01:21 PM ndn-cxx Feature #5007: CertificateBundle fetcher
Use ValidatorNull, though yes, you still need to create and keep an instance of it in the tag. Alex Afanasyev
12:38 PM ndn-cxx Feature #5007: CertificateBundle fetcher
Ehm. This is not the place to do the validation, the job here is simply to fetch stuff. The certificate will be vali... Alex Afanasyev

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