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NDN Control Center Developer 12/14/2016
NDN-CCL Developer, Reporter 03/05/2015
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ndnrtc Reporter 03/01/2016
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NDN Specifications Manager, Developer 06/08/2014
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Packaging Developer 01/04/2017
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03:08 PM NFD Feature #5146 (Code review): MulticastStrategy: remove NACK processing / keep PIT entry even when no nexthops are available
Alex Afanasyev
08:22 AM NFD Feature #5146 (Closed): MulticastStrategy: remove NACK processing / keep PIT entry even when no nexthops are available
Per our discussions, we have agreed for the multicast strategy to keep PIT entries even in cases when they don't have... Alex Afanasyev


07:37 PM ChronoChat Task #4087 (Closed): Urgent bugs caused by ndn-cxx change 3603
Alex Afanasyev
07:36 PM ChronoChat Bug #4563 (Closed): Build broken with ndn-cxx v0.6.1
Alex Afanasyev


12:31 PM Feature #4906: Universal HTTPS
Cannot close it again, but done. Alex Afanasyev


10:05 AM ndn-cxx Feature #3075: Design support for SignatureHmacWithSha256
> > There's no concern on clashing key names because `/localhost/identity` is a reserved namespace, since the era whe... Alex Afanasyev
10:03 AM ndn-cxx Task #5121 (Code review): Reserve and enforce restriction for /localhost/identity namespace
De facto, we have reserved `/localhost/identity` namespace for special uses: digest256 identity and HMAC "identity". ... Alex Afanasyev


07:56 AM ndn-cxx Wiki edit: PacketTagTypes (#19)
Alex Afanasyev


10:42 AM ndn-cxx Feature #4804: Signed Interest v0.3
CommandInterestSigner. This one prepares nonce and other stuff. Alex Afanasyev
07:52 AM ndn-cxx Feature #4685: Make nonce optional in packet format v0.3 encoding
My preference is (4). The intention of the spec change was to allow receiving nonce-less Interests and add nonce aut... Alex Afanasyev

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