Feature #3521

Updated by Junxiao Shi over 3 years ago

Allow a permanent UDP unicast face to associate with a network interface card (NIC) rather than the `UdpChannel`.

Automatically create and destroy these faces upon addition and removal of NICs.

In NFD configuration file, add an option that specifies zero or more remote FaceUris to which NIC-associated permanent faces will be created; these FaceUris must be in canonical form.

When the configuration file is loaded or reloaded, or when a NIC is added or removed, NFD creates and destroys NIC-associated permanent faces as necessary to maintain one NIC-associated permanent face per NIC per remote FaceUri.

When a NIC's IP address is changed, the face should bind to the new IP address; in case the NIC does not have any available IP address, the face should be set as DOWN but not destroyed.