Feature #4527

Updated by Junxiao Shi almost 3 years ago

NDN Packet Format v0.3 is introducing a new Interest packet format. 
 Compared to v0.2.1 packet format, the differences are: 

 * Optional **CanBePrefix** and **MustBeFresh** elements are added after Name. 
 * **Nonce** becomes optional. 
 * **ForwardingHint** is moved before Nonce and InterestLifetime. 
 * Optional **HopLimit** and **Parameters** elements are added after InterestLifetime. 

 This issue changes `ndn::Interest` class to recognize v0.3 format, and interpret it as into v0.2 semantics. 
 Encoder continues to emit v0.2 format, and remains unchanged under this issue. 
 As part of [[nfd:Packet03Transition]], this It is an interim step for a forwarder or application to receive Interest v0.3 without any changes.