Bug #1511

Updated by Junxiao Shi over 6 years ago

Ubuntu 14.04 Server 64-bit 

 Topology: A-B 

 Steps to reproduce: 

 1. start NFD and NRD on A and B 
 2. on A, start `ndnpingserver /A` 
 3. on B, run `nfd-status` to observe FaceId of the Ethernet multicast face connected on A-B link 
 4. on B, invoke `nfdc add-nexthop / <etherFaceId>` 
 5. on B, start `ndnping /A` 

 Expected: ndnping displays "Content from /A"   
 Actual: ndnping displays "Timeout from /A", host A's NFD complains "1398054254.409812 WARNING: [EthernetFace] [id:7,endpoint:eth2] pcap\_next\_ex() timed out" 

 Note: on both A and B, `sudo tcpdump -p -i ifname` eth1` shows Ethernet frames from B to multicast group between two hosts