Bug #5145

Updated by Junxiao Shi 7 months ago

[ValidatorConfig specification]( states: 

 > A rule must have at least one **checker** property. 
 > A packet is treated as valid if it can pass at least one of the checkers and as invalid when it cannot pass any checkers. 

 [Rule::check function implementation]( is: 

   for (const auto& checker : m_checkers) { 
     bool result = checker->check(pktType, pktName, klName, state); 
     if (!result) { 
       return result; 
     hasPendingResult = true; 

 If a rule has multiple checkers and a packet would pass some but not all checkers: 

 * According to the current specification, the packet should be treated as valid. 
 * According to the current implementation, specification, the packet would be treated as invalid. 

 Either the specification or the implementation must be updated to match the other.