Name Component Type Assignment

This document lists the assigned Name Component types as well as the reserves ranges of types for experimentation purposes.

Assigned types

Component Type TLV-TYPE TLV-VALUE Format Description Alternate URI Format Reference
Invalid 0 (0x00) N/A Invalid name component type N/A NDN packet spec
ImplicitSha256DigestComponent 1 (0x01) 32OCTET Implicit SHA-256 digest component sha256digest=<hex> NDN packet spec
ParametersSha256DigestComponent 2 (0x02) 32OCTET SHA-256 digest of Interest Parameters params-sha256=<hex> NDN packet spec
GenericNameComponent 8 (0x08) *OCTET Generic name component "8=" prefix omitted NDN packet spec
KeywordNameComponent 32 (0x20) *OCTET Well-known keyword (not defined)
SegmentNameComponent 33 (0x21) NonNegativeInteger Segment number seg=<dec> NDN naming conventions
ByteOffsetNameComponent 34 (0x22) NonNegativeInteger Byte offset off=<dec> NDN naming conventions
VersionNameComponent 35 (0x23) NonNegativeInteger Version number v=<dec> NDN naming conventions
TimestampNameComponent 36 (0x24) NonNegativeInteger Unix timestamp in microseconds t=<dec> NDN naming conventions
SequenceNumNameComponent 37 (0x25) NonNegativeInteger Sequence number seq=<dec> NDN naming conventions

Reserved ranges

Type (dec) Description
3-7, 9-31 Reserved
38-200 Unassigned (1-byte encoding)
201-252 For experimental use (1-byte encoding)
253-3200 Unassigned (3-byte encoding)
3201-65535 For experimental use (3-byte encoding)
65536+ Invalid values (5+-byte encoding)


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