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06:35 PM ndn-cxx Bug #4790: -Wextra-semi and -Wundefined-func-template cause build warnings/errors on FreeBSD
> I'm not sure why these warnings aren't triggered by clang on Linux or macOS.
oh I guess it's the usual system he...
06:24 PM ndn-cxx Bug #4790 (New): -Wextra-semi and -Wundefined-func-template cause build warnings/errors on FreeBSD
On FreeBSD 11.2, with clang 6.0.0, the options `-Wextra-semi` and `-Wundefined-func-template` cause tons of warnings ...


09:38 PM NFD Task #4743 (In Progress): Deploy macOS 10.14 Jenkins agents
Let's not close this until Ashiq has confirmed that 10.14 has been enabled for all relevant projects.
05:00 PM NFD Task #4771: CI: switch code-coverage to Ubuntu 18.04
What's the status here?
04:50 PM NFD Task #4743: Deploy macOS 10.14 Jenkins agents
Junxiao Shi wrote:
> I notice that both macOS 10.14 slaves (as well as macOS 10.13) are deployed on the same site.


09:25 AM ndn-cxx Task #4782: Install implementation detail headers
Probably you can add transport/stream-transport{,-with-resolver}-impl.hpp to the list.
I'm not sure about tag-host.hpp


08:37 AM ndn-cxx Bug #4041 (Closed): Doxygen generates incomplete include paths
08:36 AM ndn-cxx Task #3084 (Closed): Rename "src" folder to "ndn-cxx"


05:33 PM NFD Task #4717: Clarify FacePersistency semantics
* We reached consensus on removing the current *persistent* semantics from all faces and keep only *on-demand* and *p...


02:17 PM NFD Feature #4467: Export GenericLinkService counters
Junxiao Shi wrote:
> > I think the important thing to get right in #4467 is the following: "design an extension to t...

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