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10:46 PM ndn-cxx Feature #4612 (Closed): Encode/decode floating-point number in TLV-VALUE
10:40 PM ndn-cxx Bug #3982 (Closed): Linker error when using NDN_LOG_*
10:16 PM NFD Feature #3090 (Closed): Add instructions to install dependencies with Homebrew on macOS
We've had Homebrew installation instructions since version 0.6.0
09:45 PM NFD Task #2363 (Abandoned): NullFace creation should be moved inside Forwarder constructor


02:29 PM NFD Task #4401 (Abandoned): Unit tests for Self-learning Forwarding Strategy
12:44 PM NFD-android Task #2759 (Abandoned): Logcat: Log Tag Management Features
All logging related stuff was removed from the app.
12:41 PM NFD-android Bug #3409 (Feedback): NFD-Android stops forwarding packets after running for about 15 minutes
Since NFD-Android 0.6.5-1, the app posts a persistent notification to improve stability of the forwarding service (#4...
12:31 PM NFD-android Feature #3998 (Closed): Provide a list of existing faces in "create new route" dialog
note-1 workflow was implemented in NFD-Android 0.6.5-1 as part of #3997
12:26 PM NFD-android Bug #4628: App crashes if pressing HOME key when ping client is running
I can reproduce with NFD-Android 0.6.5-1
12:16 PM NFD-android Bug #4632 (Closed): Cannot add route to existing face
This now works for me with NFD-android 0.6.5-1
Please reopen if you still have issues.

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