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08:02 AM NFD Task #4916 (New): Release 0.6.6
Release ndn-cxx and NFD version 0.6.6
* write release notes, update `docs/release-notes-latest.rst` symlink, add e...


03:37 PM NFD-android Bug #4628 (Closed): App crashes if pressing HOME key when ping client is running
Fixed in 0.6.5-3
02:38 PM NFD-android Bug #4688 (Closed): ping unexpectedly starts after reopening app
02:36 PM Packaging Feature #4865 (Closed): ndn-tools: package ndncatchunks and ndnputchunks
02:34 PM NFD Task #4821 (Closed): Release 0.6.5
Looks like this is all done.
02:22 PM NFD Bug #4874 (Closed): AsfStrategy Nacks new Interest from neighbor while there exists a Pending Interest with NextHopFaceId from NLSR and removes PIT entry


08:52 AM ndn-cxx Bug #4907 (Closed): ndnsec-list: -K and -C flags
08:48 AM NFD Bug #4531: NAME section is missing in HTML manpages
I suggest to stop using sphinx to generate HTML man pages. I don't think that's a supported use case. There are easie...


01:53 PM NFD Bug #4489: ConfigFile::parseNumber<unsigned>() doesn't reject negative arguments
This seems to have been fixed somewhat recently in boost, probably in version 1.68.0 (Aug 2018), although I couldn't ...


04:00 PM ndn-cxx Bug #4907: ndnsec-list: -K and -C flags
Doesn't seem to be caused by (or even related to) my commit. I think it's an incompatibility between the new sphinx-2...

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