NDNFS: an NDN-friendly file system

NDNFS Metadata format

NDNFS uses metadata to facilitate the discovery of directory contents, file versions and segments.
The format of metadata is specified using "Google Protobuf":
Currently two types of metadata are defined: directory metadata and file metadata.

Directory metadata

The directory metadata helps the client navigate through the NDNFS hierarchy.
The metadata packet contains a list of metadata entries.
Each entry specifies the path of the entry and its entry type (file, directory, symlink, etc.).

message DirInfo
  required string path = 1;
  required int32 type = 2;

message DirInfoArray
  repeated DirInfo di = 1;

File metadata

The file metadata contains at least three attributes: size, total number of segments and current version number.
More attributes can be added in the future.

message FileInfo
  required int32 size = 1;
  required int32 totalseg = 2;
  required int32 version = 3;

NDNFS Metadata Protocol


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