NFD autoconfiguration

NFD Testbed operator should request adding SRV record to the domain names served as search list (“default domains”) by DHCP.

Highlight of the procedure:

  • investigate list of domains returned by DHCP servers in the sites networks

    For UCLA, this would be,

    These domains can be discovered in network settings. On OSX, one can run ipconfig getpacket <network-interface> | grep domain_name and see what DHCP returns.

  • request the following record to be placed in the target zones

    _ndn._udp.<domain>.   IN SRV 0 0 6363 <fqdn-of-the-local-hub>.

    For UCLA, this would be two records:   IN SRV 0 0 6363

    and   IN SRV 0 0 6363

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