Unit Testing

NFD requires unit testing for most modules.

NFD uses the Boost Unit Test Framework.

Learning Resources for Boost Unit Test Framework

  • Boost Unit Test Framework documentation
  • After compiling the test binary (or binaries), it is possible at run time to select which tests to run and what kind of output is desired.
    Use the --help command line option to get more information about the available options.

Testing Code Guidelines

  • The test suite for .../folder/module-name.hpp should be placed in tests/.../folder/module-name.t.cpp.
    • For example, test suite for daemon/fw/forwarder.hpp should be place in tests/daemon/fw/forwarder.t.cpp.
  • The test suite should be named TestModuleName, and nested under test suites named after directories.
    • For example, test suite for security/transform/base64-decode.hpp is named Security/Transform/TestBase64Decode.
  • The test suite should be declared inside the same namespace of the tested type plus additional tests namespace.
    • For example, test suite for nfd::Forwarder is declared in nfd::tests, test suite for nfd::cs::Cs is declared in nfd::cs.
    • If needed, parent tests sub-namespace can be imported with using namespace directive.
  • All test suites for the nfd binary itself (i.e., for translation units located under daemon/ subdir) should use the GlobalIoFixture fixture, to get automatic setup and teardown of the global io_service instance. Other test suites (e.g., for translation units under tools/ subdir) must not use GlobalIoFixture.
    • Similarly, if a custom fixture is needed for a test suite or test case in daemon/, that fixture should derive, directly or indirectly, from GlobalIoFixture.
    • KeyChainFixture should be used if a test case needs to create identities in KeyChain.
    • ClockFixture or GlobalIoTimeFixture can be used if mocked clocks are desired.

Testing Helpers

  • tests/daemon/limited-io.hpp provides operation count and time limit
  • tests/daemon/face/dummy-face.hpp provides a Face that doesn't depend on a socket
  • tests/daemon/fw/strategy-tester.hpp provides a facade to test a forwarding strategy
  • tests/daemon/fw/topology-tester.hpp provides facilities to test forwarder and strategy in a virtual topology

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