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08:27 AM mini-ndn Task #2582 (Resolved): Update install script - latest mininet code
Removed 'mn' file from Mini-CCNx folder (at /bin) and removed it's entry in the script. Also changed the In... Caio Elias


12:54 PM mini-ndn Task #2583 (In Progress): Support switches (back)
Caio Elias
12:40 PM mini-ndn Task #2583 (Closed): Support switches (back)
Add to the GUI support to switches and fix the code to also support switches once again. Caio Elias
12:54 PM mini-ndn Task #2582 (In Progress): Update install script - latest mininet code
Caio Elias
12:38 PM mini-ndn Task #2582 (Closed): Update install script - latest mininet code
Update the script to automatically install the latest version available of Mininet, instead of a fixed ver... Caio Elias
12:52 PM mini-ndn Task #2586 (Duplicate): Implement the metrics gatherer to the GUI
Finally, implement the functional feature to collect and display the experiments' selected metrics and statistics to ... Caio Elias
12:48 PM mini-ndn Task #2585 (Abandoned): Create abstraction layer to support both CCN and NDN on metrics gathering
In order to support both CCNx and NDNx protocols for metrics gathering, some interface will be required to collect th... Caio Elias
12:44 PM mini-ndn Task #2584 (Duplicate): Identify relevant metrics/statistics
Identify and select relevant metrics to CCN/NDN networks that can be collected after/during experiments in an automat... Caio Elias

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