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03:53 PM NFD Feature #3000: Design mobility with forwarding hint
3/15/16: JeffB pointed out that the 2015/08/14 slide deck did not clearly describe LINK processing (slide 11 <in prod... Lixia Zhang


08:48 AM NDN Specifications Task #3552: Specify default ChildSelector behavior for ContentStore lookup
the question is not whether leftmost option is useful in any case, but rather what is the most common expectation tha... Lixia Zhang


12:49 PM ndn-cxx Bug #2104: ndncert subject name only allows printable_string
I heard that Tai-Lin might be using his own code to create cert?
If that is the case, I would also suggest that Tai-...
Lixia Zhang


03:52 PM NDN Specifications Task #1731: Interest NACK
#12 seems to give an inaccurate description about the outcome of 20140805 conference call.
First, the discussion foc...
Lixia Zhang


10:15 AM ndn-cxx Bug #1589: KeyChain::sign is slow with tpm=osx-keychain
Jeff, I am afraid that this is NOT a priority question.
We do not have a solution at this time, no matter how high t...
Lixia Zhang

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