Beichuan Zhang





09:03 PM NFD Bug #5035: IP fragmentation causes ndncatchunks to time out indefinitely
Given UDP tunnels are frequently used, NFD can check this setting at startup and print a warning if it's default valu... Beichuan Zhang


02:43 PM NFD Feature #1999: Strategy for access router
what if a prefix is multihomed to more than one gateway? say, /ndn/presentations content is available via Memphis and... Beichuan Zhang


03:46 PM NFD Task #1931: Establish policy on multi-threading usage
Nothing is "completely forbidden". Beichuan Zhang


10:47 AM NFD Task #1871: Best Route Strategy version 2: recognize consumer retransmission
As I mentioned during yesterday's call, while this feature has improved UDP performance, there're a few issues going ... Beichuan Zhang


01:07 PM NFD Bug #1770: Nonce list in PIT entry "infinitely" grows for long-lived Interests
Does the long list of nonces cause any problem right now? performance? correctness?
A quick and dirty fix is to pu...
Beichuan Zhang


07:19 PM NFD Task #1325: Generate FIB updates
we talked about Vince's question today, and I didn't see any problem with ignoring the later registration whose cost ... Beichuan Zhang
07:16 PM NFD Task #1326: Delete expired RIB entries
the route expiration is actually a small issue. the bigger one is how to handle FIB update failure in general. that p... Beichuan Zhang


10:17 PM NFD Task #1605 (Resolved): Developer Guide: Introduction
Beichuan Zhang


03:21 PM NFD Task #1575: add `--version` option to nfd and nrd commands
it shouldn't rely on another program to get the version number. what if nfd cannot successfully run? getting the vers... Beichuan Zhang


11:54 AM NFD Task #1515: nfdc allows FaceUri in place of FaceId
We plan to add a query function in the next release to solve all these problems. Right now, as long as the problems a... Beichuan Zhang

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