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01:06 PM NFD Bug #3933: Nack test incorrect counting of Nacks

> Thus, the test should be re-implemented by counting the number of Nacks between router NFD and consumer NFD (A-D)...
Hila Ben Abraham


12:59 PM NFD Feature #3157: Nack scenario
I was finally able to fix the problem and verified the test using ndn-cxx-breaks. I will clean up the code and upload... Hila Ben Abraham


12:38 PM NFD Feature #3157: Nack scenario
Two tests fail according to the results attached in note-16.
* test_remote_register
* test_nack
Hila Ben Abraham


12:03 PM NFD Feature #3157: Nack scenario
After discussing it with Eric we suggest one of the following options:
1. Adding new apps to a new 'tools' dir...
Hila Ben Abraham


11:21 AM NFD Feature #3157: Nack scenario
OK. What would be the appropriate way to build the consumer? Can I add it as the initial test step? Or should I suppo... Hila Ben Abraham


05:27 PM NFD Feature #3157 (Feedback): Nack scenario
I finally got to test this task and I found that I can't get the generated nonce of an outgoing Interest when using P... Hila Ben Abraham


12:47 PM NFD Feature #3157: Nack scenario
An update: I will submit the task once I have it tested on ONL. It will probably take a few more days since ONL has b... Hila Ben Abraham


09:59 AM NFD Bug #3411: NccStrategy doesn't explore potential upstreams
I am not saying there is no weakness in the ccnd design, but I don't think note-4 (cited in patchset 7) captures the ... Hila Ben Abraham


10:44 AM NFD Bug #3411: NccStrategy doesn't explore potential upstreams
I agree that patchset 7 includes a more comprehensive test scenario for ncc than the previous patchsets (that were ma... Hila Ben Abraham


03:39 PM NFD Feature #3157: Nack scenario
I need a couple of clarifications:
1. Step 2 requires best-route while step 3 requires best-route v1. Does nfd sup...
Hila Ben Abraham

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