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07:31 AM NFD Feature #4762: Add a new UnsolicitedDataPolicy that admits unsolicited data by prefix
Davide Pesavento wrote:
> What's the status of this issue?
Ernest implemented this feature but the code has not b...
Lan Wang


08:00 AM NFD Feature #3142: Configurable top-level prefixes for NFD-RIB
Junxiao Shi wrote:
> > setting the prefix registration command prefix to have those faces to the gateways as next ho...
Lan Wang
07:13 AM NFD Feature #3142: Configurable top-level prefixes for NFD-RIB
Although the above is desirable, it is not absolutely necessary depending on the specific goal of the host - what the... Lan Wang
06:49 AM NLSR Bug #4177: Readvertise causes withdrawal of site prefix
Each prefix should be associated with a set of sources. When a command to advertise a prefix is received, that sourc... Lan Wang
06:47 AM NLSR Bug #4177: Readvertise causes withdrawal of site prefix
Junxiao Shi wrote:
> > NLSR should refuse to either advertise or withdraw a prefix.
> Refusing the advertise/wi...
Lan Wang
06:45 AM NLSR Bug #4177: Readvertise causes withdrawal of site prefix
Ashlesh Gawande wrote:
> Don't see sources being used anywhere in the code (no insert call provides source).
Lan Wang


11:39 AM NFD Bug #4408: NFD throughput using large chunk is low
The bandwidth-delay product is 10Gbps * 3ms = 30Mb = 3.75MB. The congestion window cannot be bigger than this, which... Lan Wang
11:19 AM ndnrtc Feature #3481: Test NDN-RTC performance in Mini-NDN
This can be reassigned to Nick. Lan Wang


02:32 PM NFD Feature #3176: NACK in multicast strategy
how about give the first preference to local applications that sent the same interest (same name)? if there are mult... Lan Wang


05:04 AM NFD Feature #3813: Forwarding strategy for using multiple interfaces in generic deployments
Our ASF strategy has been implemented in NFD and is part of the latest NFD release (0.5.0). Here's the related Redmi... Lan Wang

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