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11:39 AM NFD Bug #4408: NFD throughput using large chunk is low
The bandwidth-delay product is 10Gbps * 3ms = 30Mb = 3.75MB. The congestion window cannot be bigger than this, which...
11:19 AM ndnrtc Feature #3481: Test NDN-RTC performance in Mini-NDN
This can be reassigned to Nick.


02:32 PM NFD Feature #3176: NACK in multicast strategy
how about give the first preference to local applications that sent the same interest (same name)? if there are mult...


05:04 AM NFD Feature #3813: Forwarding strategy for using multiple interfaces in generic deployments
Our ASF strategy has been implemented in NFD and is part of the latest NFD release (0.5.0). Here's the related Redmi...


02:12 PM NLSR Task #3799: Write specification for NLSR NACK behavior.
Here're some comments on the latest draft:
1. add a default case for each type of interest. The behavior should b...


07:55 AM NLSR Task #3627: Use /localhop component in Sync prefix to reduce duplicate NACKs
In what case will two nodes try to send the same Interest to each other using /localhop and why would you like to for...


08:06 AM NLSR Task #3627: Use /localhop component in Sync prefix to reduce duplicate NACKs
What's the rationale for this rule "If PIT entry has at least one InRecord from a local face, it can be forwarded to ...


08:53 AM NFD Feature #3000: Design mobility with forwarding hint
Just want to mention the following:
- NLSR is designed for intra-domain routing.
- We consider the NDN testbed ...


04:31 PM ndn-cxx Feature #2734: SegmentFetcher: asynchronous Data validation with Validator
We are using SegmentFetcher to implement an application that retrieves NLSR status dataset. This feature is very imp...


12:25 PM NLSR Task #2965 (In Progress): LSAs should be segmented before they are published

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