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10:43 AM NLSR Task #4910 (New): Suppress sub-prefix of a hub's prefix advertised by NFD
It's more likely that the prefix propagated by local NFD to a testbed hub can be a sub-prefix of the hub’s advertised...


09:08 PM NFD Feature #4903 (New): ASF strategy should try an alternative path/s (if available) if a NACK is received
Currently, ASF considers NACK as a timeout. It should instead try an alternative path if NACK is received.


04:37 PM NLSR Feature #4868 (New): Insert the keys and LSA into a local repo so other router's can retrieve independent of cache or nlsr
Currently, in-memory storage is used.


09:34 AM NLSR Task #4855 (In Progress): Missing information in releases.rst
09:16 AM NLSR Task #4855 (In Progress): Missing information in releases.rst
NLSR releases.rst has not been updated properly since 0.4.1.
for more details check:


11:03 AM NLSR Feature #4303 (Closed): Optionally write prefixes to configuration file that were advertised in NLSR
11:02 AM NLSR Task #4823 (Closed): nlsr.conf file should not be modified during the runtime


04:42 PM NLSR Task #4845 (New): Separate nlsr.conf file for test in home directory
Currently, some tests assume that nlsr.conf being in /usr/local/etc/ndn/, rather for the tests, a different conf file...


11:31 AM mini-ndn Task #4812: Check if same coordinate is used by different node
Junxiao Shi wrote:
> HR coordinates are floating point numbers.
> Equality comparison of floating point numbers is ...


09:19 AM mini-ndn Task #4835 (New): Rename seq-dir to state-directory and remove log directory
with the recent change in NLSR, the seq-dir folder should rename to state-dir.

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