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NDN Control Center Developer 02/15/2018
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NDNSD Manager, Developer 04/08/2020
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11:55 AM NLSR Task #5152 (New): Problem of assigning link-cost to "zero" for neighbors in Hyperbolic Routing (HR)

The cost of neighbors in HR is installed as zero. However, the local application can have a higher cost. For exampl...
Saurab Dulal


11:05 AM NLSR Task #5147 (Closed): Deprecate Chronosync support
Currently, NLSR requires both PSync and Chronosync to be installed. If one of these breaks, NLSR will fail to compile... Saurab Dulal


07:54 PM mini-ndn Task #5064 (Closed): Provide documentation for global ndn routing helper
Saurab Dulal


09:25 AM mini-ndn Task #5132 (New): NLSR convergence time
Even for a small topology e.g. 4 node, NLSR takes more than 20 seconds to converge. Investigate if this time can be r... Saurab Dulal


11:58 AM mini-ndn Task #5130 (New): nfdc: Support route addition using face-id
Currently, nfdc:registerRoute only supports route registration via IP address and not via face-id. Saurab Dulal


11:54 AM mini-ndn Task #5064 (Code review): Provide documentation for global ndn routing helper
Saurab Dulal
11:54 AM mini-ndn Task #4141: Develop some experiment/examples with common client libraries
Most of the CCL libraries are either abandoned or no-longer maintained. New libraries such as python-ndn, ndnts etc a... Saurab Dulal
11:50 AM mini-ndn Task #2946 (Abandoned): Allow a user to toggle a link's status in the GUI
Saurab Dulal
11:48 AM mini-ndn Task #2945: Display statistics during collection
GUI support is dropped for now so the issue is abandoned. If we plan to bring the GUI back, the issue will be reopen ... Saurab Dulal
11:45 AM mini-ndn Task #2944 (Abandoned): Allow user to double click node to open interactive terminal
Currently, the GUI support is dropped so the issue is abandoned. If we plan to bring the GUI back, we will re-open th... Saurab Dulal

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