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NDNSD Manager, Developer 04/08/2020
NFD Developer 02/15/2018
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NLSR Manager, Developer, Reporter 05/07/2018
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12:43 PM mini-ndn Task #5130 (In Progress): nfdc: Support route addition using face-id
Saurab Dulal


03:12 PM mini-ndn Task #5174 (New): ndnRoutingHelper: Use nfdc batch command to install route

A patch to allow batch command processing by nfdc is under review. Once merged, ndnRoutingHelper should use it to i...
Saurab Dulal


10:36 AM mini-ndn Task #5170 (New): Avoid using default topologies
Currently, if a topology file is not supplied while running an experiment, Mini-NDN by default uses a default topolog... Saurab Dulal


12:59 PM mini-ndn Task #5168 (New): Write documentation for the examples
Currently, there isn't any documentation for Mini-NDN examples. It a bit hard to figure out the actual purpose of the... Saurab Dulal


11:07 AM mini-ndn Task #5161: Migrate to Python 3
Alexander Lane: Our current automatic install is for Python 2 only ATM, we may likely want to rectify that once we de... Saurab Dulal
11:03 AM mini-ndn Task #5161 (New): Migrate to Python 3
The current version of MiniNDN & MiniNDN-WiFi supports both python2 and python3, this is to maintain consistency with... Saurab Dulal


11:55 AM NLSR Task #5152 (New): Problem of assigning link-cost to "zero" for neighbors in Hyperbolic Routing (HR)

The cost of neighbors in HR is installed as zero. However, the local application can have a higher cost. For exampl...
Saurab Dulal


11:05 AM NLSR Task #5147 (Closed): Deprecate Chronosync support
Currently, NLSR requires both PSync and Chronosync to be installed. If one of these breaks, NLSR will fail to compile... Saurab Dulal


07:54 PM mini-ndn Task #5064 (Closed): Provide documentation for global ndn routing helper
Saurab Dulal


09:25 AM mini-ndn Task #5132 (New): NLSR convergence time
Even for a small topology e.g. 4 node, NLSR takes more than 20 seconds to converge. Investigate if this time can be r... Saurab Dulal

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