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ChronoSync Developer 06/21/2017
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NAC Developer 11/28/2017
NDN Control Center Developer 12/14/2016
ndn-embedded Developer 05/12/2014
ndncert Developer 07/14/2019
ndnrtc Developer 03/01/2016
NDNSD Manager 04/09/2020
NFD Developer 05/09/2014
NDN Specifications Developer 06/08/2014
ndn-cxx Developer 05/09/2014
ndn-tools Developer 02/02/2015
NFD-android Developer 02/09/2015
Packaging Developer 01/04/2017
NLSR Manager, Developer, Reporter 03/26/2014
npchat Manager, Developer 09/25/2018
PSync Manager, Developer 06/14/2018
repo-ng Developer 05/25/2017



10:06 PM NLSR Bug #5157 (Closed): Recurring sync prefix registration on each hello data
Ashlesh Gawande
08:54 PM PSync Task #5159 (New): PartialSync: replace hello Interest/data with sync Interest/data using a special bloom filter/prefix
Probably should keep current API calling the new API. Ashlesh Gawande


09:51 PM NLSR Bug #5157 (Closed): Recurring sync prefix registration on each hello data
In #5009, sync prefix was only registered for the neighbor when hello data got validated.
But we try to register aft...
Ashlesh Gawande


07:17 PM NLSR Task #5147 (Closed): Deprecate Chronosync support
Ashlesh Gawande


07:39 PM NLSR Task #5147 (In Progress): Deprecate Chronosync support
NLSR no longer builds Chronosync support by default.
Optionally NLSR can be built with Chronosync for testing purpos...
Ashlesh Gawande


10:28 AM NLSR Bug #5139: NLSR not reacting correctly on neighbor down
Seems like for HR, it is not straight forward to remove the FIB entry completely in a short time.
Ashlesh Gawande


09:34 AM NLSR Task #4127: Rebuild the LSDB makes the following changes to simplify Lsdb further:
- Lsdb emits a s...
Ashlesh Gawande
09:20 AM PSync Task #5143 (New): FullSync: Append "full-sync" to sync prefix to distinguish from partial sync (/hello and /sync)
Flag should be added to remove the appended prefix if the application desires/to maintain old behavior. Ashlesh Gawande


08:48 PM NLSR Bug #5139 (Closed): NLSR not reacting correctly on neighbor down
Ashlesh Gawande


09:07 AM NFD Feature #5140 (Closed): Add per upstream suppression to ASF strategy
Ashlesh Gawande

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