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02:54 PM ndn-cxx Feature #5004: CertificateBundle encoding and decoding
The design states that "A producer MAY provide one or more certificate bundle names in the RDR metadata."
Should ...
Jeremy Clark


12:59 PM ndn-cxx Feature #5007: CertificateBundle fetcher
What do you suggest I do about the validator requirement for the `SegmentFetcher`? Jeremy Clark
12:18 PM ndn-cxx Feature #5007: CertificateBundle fetcher
I see where I was misunderstanding before. But I'm still unsure how to create a `SegementFetcher` instance inside the... Jeremy Clark


03:07 PM ndn-cxx Feature #5007: CertificateBundle fetcher
Per the design posted here: (
>Retrieval of a single certificate ...
Jeremy Clark


03:10 PM ndn-cxx Feature #5007: CertificateBundle fetcher
Am I correct in my understanding that the CertifcateBundleFetcher uses the SegmentFetcher internally to fetch the bun... Jeremy Clark
01:17 PM ndn-cxx Feature #5007: CertificateBundle fetcher
Could you give an example of how an application would call the CertificateBundleFetcher?
Specifically, I don't under...
Jeremy Clark
02:56 PM ndn-cxx Feature #5005: CertificateBundle publisher
How do you define failure to build a cert bundle? I was thinking that the builder would publish the certs it successf... Jeremy Clark


08:48 AM ndn-cxx Feature #5005: CertificateBundle publisher
Should the `CertBundleBuilder` maintain the `CertBundleHandles` returned by `add` internally at all? Jeremy Clark
08:47 AM ndn-cxx Feature #5006: CertificateBundle producer
I'm unsure of the exact relationship between the CertificateBundle producer and inserter and the `CertBundleBuilder`.... Jeremy Clark


01:31 PM ndn-cxx Feature #5005: CertificateBundle publisher
> /** \brief Unpublish certificate bundle upon destruction.
> */
> class ScopedCertBundleHandle;
Could you expla...
Jeremy Clark

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