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ndn-cxx Developer 05/09/2014
NLSR Developer, Reporter 08/26/2014



07:32 AM NFD Feature #3566: Adaptive Forwarding Strategy for hyperbolic routing
I've pushed changes to the Developer's guide to add a description and citation for the ASF strategy. Vince Lehman


06:36 PM NFD Feature #3566: Adaptive Forwarding Strategy for hyperbolic routing
Minsheng Zhang wrote:
> After Receive Interest Trigger, should we send back a NACK if there is no faceToUse for fo...
Vince Lehman


07:58 AM NFD Bug #3642: Duplicate Nonce is used when forwarding a consumer retransmission
Based on the description, I believe we may have previously seen this issue in our hyperbolic experiments. I've includ... Vince Lehman


02:34 PM mini-ndn Task #3641 (Closed): Implement class to monitor /proc/$PID/stat file for a PID
The ProcessMonitor class should periodically read from the /proc/$PID/stat file and write to a log for a particular PID. Vince Lehman
02:25 PM NLSR Task #1951 (Closed): Create state diagram for HelloProtocol
Vince Lehman


03:11 PM mini-ndn Task #3050 (Code review): Implement automatic security configuration for NLSR
Vince Lehman


03:01 PM NLSR Bug #3359 (Closed): Unit tests cases are installed with `./waf install`
Vince Lehman
02:47 PM NLSR Task #3634 (Closed): Fetch Routing Table Dataset from NLSRC
Vince Lehman


06:45 PM NLSR Task #2955 (Code review): Design statistics collection mechanism
Vince Lehman
09:23 AM NLSR Task #3631 (Closed): Implement Routing Table dataset publisher
This task should implement a publisher that publishes the routing table state using the dataset defined in Task #3630. Vince Lehman

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