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10:27 AM NAC Bug #3812: Change logic in GroupManger.getGroupKey() to avoid regenerate group key pairs every time.
Zhiyi Zhang wrote:
> Yes, there could be a security problem, I will try to figure it out.
@Zhiyi I wonder if ...
Zhehao Wang


03:08 PM ndnrtc Bug #3555: Fix "phantom user" in discovery list
Jeff Burke wrote:
> Occasionally, a user not currently online (or with different media threads from the online user)...
Zhehao Wang


10:02 AM ndnrtc Task #3508: [ndncon] Chronosync misconfiguration leads to extensive CPU usage for ndncon and NFD
Peter and I tried to confirm and reproduce this issue on Friday, but we weren't able to using the scenario Peter desc... Zhehao Wang


12:04 PM ndnrtc Task #3508: [ndncon] Chronosync misconfiguration leads to extensive CPU usage for ndncon and NFD
Jeff Thompson wrote:
> > For example, in ChronoSync2013 in ndn-cpp's onData, if the update call does not cause updat...
Zhehao Wang


02:02 PM NFD Bug #3484: High PIT usage after NdnCon conference
For other components of NdnCon mentioned by Junxiao: we also uses ChronoSync from ndn-cpp, and a discovery for confer... Zhehao Wang


06:06 PM ndnrtc Feature #3481: Test NDN-RTC performance in Mini-NDN
Jeff Burke wrote:
> @Peter, can you please coordinate with Ashlesh about this. Zhehao can also advise about using Mi...
Zhehao Wang


03:32 PM ndnrtc Bug #2066 (Closed): [NdnCon] Crashed while fetching and publishing
Crashed while doing a three-party conference test with all users under ndn/edu/ucla/remap.
Copied problem report det...
Zhehao Wang


03:11 PM repo-ng Task #1867: Initiation read entries from database
Hi guys,
I'm having the same problem with the latest code of ndn-cxx, NFD and repo-ng. (on OSX 10.8.4)
I haven't ...
Zhehao Wang

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