Bug #1903

WebSocketFace persists after lower-layer disconnect

Added by Junxiao Shi about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Steps to reproduce:

  1. On an Android phone, run a ndn-js consumer application in Chrome. This application shall send one or more Interests, wait until all Interests being satisfied or timed out, and keep the WebSocket connection open.
    note: You cannot reproduce this bug if router attempts to send something to the phone after step 3.
  2. Look at router's nfd-status output or status webpage, remember FaceId for the WebSocket connection from the phone.
    note: The phone's public IP address, combined with a non-busy router, would be helpful to identify the correct face.
  3. Turn off WiFi on the phone.
    note: It's important to turn off WiFi before closing webpage.
  4. Close webpage in Chrome.
    note: After this step, you may turn on WiFi and continue using the phone. The phone is no longer needed.
  5. Wait 8 hours.
  6. Look at nfd-status output or status webpage.

Expected: the WebSocket face is gone.

Actual: the WebSocket face persists.

Suggested fix:

  • WebSocket face should be marked on-demand.
  • When underlying TCP connection disconnects due to lack of keep alive, the WebSocket face should be closed.

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Updated by Wentao Shang about 7 years ago

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Updated by Junxiao Shi about 7 years ago

Currently this Task is blocked by an inconsistency introduced in #1970: Exclude::wireEncode throws if Exclude element is empty, but NFD's PIT incorrectly invokes Exclude::wireEncode for equality comparison.

The needed fix is Iee9a1738881be159b7944ce618869687f61e61b5 and I7b6d80cff6200e2c7d7d8529d2736bc275f1b6e7.

Nothing in NFD can progress until this fix is merged.


Updated by Junxiao Shi about 7 years ago

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Verified on NDN6.TK

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