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ndns-update should allow sending updates using a pre-created Data (=RR set) packet

Added by Alex Afanasyev almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Updated by Shock Jiang almost 7 years ago

“pre-created Data (=RR set) packet”,please give more detailed definition.
If you mean send Update which contains a packet on local FS, current implementation already supports it.


Updated by Alex Afanasyev almost 7 years ago

Please provide an example. I don't see these options as part of usage or in ndns-update source code

Usage: ndns-update zone rrLabel [-t rrType] [-T TTL] [-H hint] [-n NdnsType] [-c cert] [-f contentFile]|[-o content]
Allowed options:

Generic Options:
  -h [ --help ]             print help message

  -H [ --hint ] arg         forwarding hint
  -T [ --ttl ] arg          TTL of query. default: 4 sec
  -t [ --rrtype ] arg       set request RR Type. default: TXT
  -n [ --ndnsType ] arg     Set the ndnsType of the resource record. Potential
                            values are [resp|nack|auth|raw]. Default: resp
  -c [ --cert ] arg         set the name of certificate to sign the update
  -o [ --content ] arg      set the content of the RR
  -f [ --contentFile ] arg  set the path of file which contain content of the
                            RR in base64 format

-o and -f options will set app content of the Data packets, but the data packet seem to be always created by ndns-update. What I'm suggesting is to allow sending just an interest, putting the supplied data packet directly into the name.


Updated by Alex Afanasyev almost 7 years ago

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Updated by Alex Afanasyev almost 7 years ago

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